Research publications

  • Micro+SME_Finance_Market_Outlook_2017_EN

    responsAbility ‘Micro and SME Finance Market Outlook 2017’:
    10–15% growth for global micro and SME finance markets

    Global micro and SME finance markets are expected to grow by 10-15% next year according to the responsAbility ‘Micro and SME Finance Market Outlook 2017’. The Asia Pacific region remains the principal driver of this trend. In addition to traditional microfinance, SME financing in developing countries is booming.

  • Research_Brief_La_Niña

    La Niña: anticipating the outcomes for agricultural investments

    After a near-record El Niño in 2015/16, the likelihood of an impending La Niña – the flipside of El Niño – is currently estimated at 55-60%. Every La Niña event may have different outcomes which benefit some agricultural producers and harm others. A thorough understanding of this climate phenomenon is a key success factor not just for food security, but also for agricultural financing.

  • Microfinance_Outlook_2016_EN

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2016

    The global microfinance market is expected to grow by 10-15% in 2016, although growth rates will differ markedly between regions, according to the responsAbility Microfinance Market Outlook 2016. The report’s sixth edition highlights key trends in the microfinance industry such as technological progress, more stringent regulatory frameworks especially in less mature microfinance markets and greater diversification in the funding mix of microfinance institutions.

  • Microfinance_Market Outlook_2015_EN

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2015

    The global microfinance market is expected to grow by a further 15-20% in 2015. This forecast is based on the latest issue of the Microfinance Market Outlook, which has this year been published for the fifth time. The 2015 study also examines the potential impacts of changes in interest rates on microfinance investments.

  • Research Insight - India's microfinance market EN

    The rise, fall and dynamic revival of India’s microfinance market

    The rise, fall and dynamic revival of India’s microfinance market

  • rA Research Insight - Efficiency is the key to lower interest rates in microfinance

    Efficiency is the key to lower interest rates
    in microfinance

    It is not only investors who are often surprised by the seemingly high interest rates that microfinance institutions (MFIs) charge on their loans. Are these interest rates justified? Which factors determine the level of interest rates that applies to micro-borrowers? And what are the future trends in this sector? responsAbility Research has conducted an in-depth study to examine these and other questions.

  • rA Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

    Virtually unaffected by the volatility in the capital markets, the global microfinance industry saw overall loan volumes increase by 15% to 20% in 2013. Gradual improvements in market infrastructure are helping to drive the sustained growth of the sector.

  • Research_Insight_2013_The Microfinance Revolution in East Africa

    The Microfinance Revolution in East Africa

    Find out more about new and innovative products, services and delivery channels that have revolutionized the financial sector in emerging markets over the last two decades – illustrated by the case of East Africa.

  • Research_Insight_2013_Private Equity and Financial Sector Development in Emerging Markets

    Private Equity and Financial Sector Development in Emerging Markets

    The rising demand for resources by financial institutions serving micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) presents a unique opportunity for investors eager to harness the potential of financial sector development in emerging markets.

  • Research_Insight_2013_Fair Trade Coffee from Costa Rica

    Fair Trade Coffee from Costa Rica: A Smallholder Success Story

    The coffee that fills the two billion cups consumed every day is predominantly produced by 25 million small farmers in over 50 developing countries. The large majority lives in dire poverty, despite the huge global demand for their produce. Fair trade is about unleashing the potential of these smallholders and improving their livelihoods.

  • Microfinance_Market_Outlook_2013

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2013

    The global microfinance industry again posted growth of almost 20% in 2012. The forecast we made last year turned out to be right. There is much to suggest that the sector will maintain this rate of growth in 2013.

  • Research_Insight_2012_Healthcare in India

    Healthcare in India: An investment that works

    Growth in affordable healthcare creates
    investment opportunities.

  • Research_Insight_2013_Peru – Model Market for Microfinance

    Peru – Model Market for Microfinance

    The Role of Microfinance in Development.

  • Microfinance_Market_Outlook_2012

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2012

    After a year of rapid expansion, microfinance loan portfolio growth is likely to moderate in 2012. Industry experts predict a real growth rate of 15-20%.

  • Microfinance_Market_Outlook_2011

    Microfinance Market Outlook 2011

    2011 will be a year of moderate, but persistent expansion in microfinance: the first solid growth year since the past recession.

  • Microfinance_and_OID_Executive_Summary_EN

    Over-indebtedness and Microfinance

    This study presents an important first step to establish an early warning index to help prevent future over-indebtedness crises in microfinance markets.