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  • Perspectives_17-18_EN

    Development Investments? PERSPECTIVES!

    The magazine takes you on a journey through the exciting world of development investments and answers questions such as:
    - Which sector has 2 billion people depending on it for income?
    - From 100 to 10,000 contract farmers in seven years – how does a young rice producer do it?
    - A young company has sold its products to 5 million households in 50 countries. Say what?!
    - What do development investments have to do with the fact that there are 1,810 billionaires worldwide?
    Dive into a world where investments achieve returns while simultaneously improving the living conditions of millions of people in developing countries. We wish you a fascinating read.

  • 17-19-049 Topic Case Development_EN-online

    Development investments: a response to global challenges

    The sharing of roles between the public and private sectors has proved an effective approach when mobilizing assets for investment in development-related companies and opening up new markets for investment: The state assumes a pioneering role by supplying start-up capital and the private sector subsequently multiplies that capital. The publication describes how the Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG has been able to successfully build the development investments business since 2003 thanks to start-up financing from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

  • Investment_Case_AccessBank_Tanzania

    Investment Case: Access Bank Tanzania – Booming business

    Tanzania’s leading microfinance bank helps to channel the entrepreneurial energy of microentrepreneurs and small business owners into viable business models and is growing at rates of 22% a year.
    The Investment Case highlights the special contribution of private sector financing to the development of a functioning financial sector and thus more growth and prosperity.

  • responsAbility_Perspectives_2016_EN

    Perspectives 2016/17: The leading publication in development investments

    Cashew processing, geothermal systems, used vehicle leasing: The latest annual publication from the market leader responsAbility shows how development investments work – and why. Featuring the views of experts from a wide range of sectors as well as a variety of investment cases, Perspectives invites you to explore this investment universe and to find out about its specific characteristics and the opportunities it offers.

  • responsAbility_Investment_Case_Togo_EN

    Investment Case: Entrepreneurship made in Africa

    The first cashew factory in the West African nation of Togo is expanding its business with the opening of a second factory. This growth would be impossible without pre-export financing and investment loans from abroad. Join us for a visit.

  • responsAbility_Public_Paper_Energy_Efficiency

    Shining the light on energy efficiency

    For businesses, increasing both productivity and the efficiency of energy consumption is an attractive challenge.
    Developing and emerging economies offer comprehensive investment opportunities in the area of energy efficiency. Growing economies, improved regulatory frameworks, technological progress and innovations are the key drivers of this market.

  • responsAbility_Public_Paper_Falcon_EN

    Public Paper: Falcon Coffee

    The company Falcon Coffees Ltd. has developed a blueprint to increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chains. This is opening the way for participants in the coffee trade to achieve greater commercial success. Investors and around 30 million smallholder farmers can benefit from this model. Falcon is itself also successfully growing its business: between 2010 and 2015, the company increased its turnover by 80%. responsAbility has been partnering with Falcon since 2013, providing it with financing through its investment vehicles.

  • Investment_Case_Vietnam_EN

    Investment Case: Quality nuts processed in Vietnam

    Vietnam has been one of the world’s fastest growing economies for over 20 years. Private investments have been a major driver of this development. This responsAbility investment case features Thai Gia Son, one of Vietnam’s largest cashew processing companies. Thanks, in particular, to access to financing provided by responsAbility-managed funds, the company has been able to grow and, at the same time, provide higher wages and improve the quality of life of its workers.

  • Case_Study_Credo_Georgia_EN

    Investment Case: Innovative microfinance in Georgia

    The microfinance company Credo serves 50% of all Georgian microfinance borrowers. In a fiercely competitive market, its positioning is founded on creative innovation.

    • Georgia – A model market for microfinance

    • Credo – Institutionalised innovation

    • Expansion – Financing growth

  • rA_CoffeeStudy_EN

    Costa Rica: How quality pays for
    coffee farmers

    Costa Rica is renowned as a producer of high-quality coffee. Despite the success of its coffee industry, many Costa Rican smallholder farmers still face challenges due to a lack of financing, poor market access and price volatility. Against this backdrop, a report by responsAbility Research looks at the role of cooperatives in securing higher, more stable incomes for coffee growers – as demonstrated by the work of the organisation ASOPROAAA.

  • Company_Profile_Investees_Zurich_EN

    Company Profile

    responsAbility in a nutshell? Find all relevant information about what we stand for and what we do in our company profile. The Investee company profile is available in English, French and Spanish.

  • rA_Case_Study_Quinoa_EN_final

    Quinoa: Exploring the market dynamics
    of an Andean staple

    Quinoa has been consumed throughout the Andes for several millennia. Consumption in the US and Europe has risen sharply in recent years. responsAbility investee Irupana Andean Organic Food S.A. works with over 200 affiliated smallholder producers to give them access to higher-paying markets. One of 531 success stories.
    Read more.

  • Perspectives_2015_EN

    2015/16 Company publication „Perspectives“

    Now available: the 2015/16 edition of “Perspectives,” the leading publication in the area of development investments. “Perspectives” provides fascinating insights into this type of profit-oriented investment in which development leads to returns and investments to prosperity. Development investments are attracting increasingly more capital – at responsAbility alone +28% in 2014.

  • Perspectives 2014

    2014 Company publication „Perspectives“

    Continued high investor interest and a strong demand for financing for the real economy in emerging markets and developing countries: In the 2014 annual report ‘Perspectives,’ responsAbility provides information on its economic activities, presenting the reasons behind its investments and the effects they have. Examples of investments demonstrate how locally based companies give low-income households access to goods and services that make a lasting contribution to development – with positive consequences for health, education, the economy and the environment.

  • Perspectives_ annual_report_2012
  • Perspektiven_annual_report_2011

    2011 Company Report

    For responsAbility, 2011 was dominated by innovations and investments. In addition to launching the responsAbility Fair Trade Fund and a product designed to promote press freedom, we opened new offices in Mumbai and Nairobi to further stimulate growth in South Asia and Africa.

  • Perspektives_annual_report_2010

    2010 Company Report

    In the course of the general market recovery, responsAbility continued to pursue its growth strategy in 2010 and expanded its global presence. For example, a subsidiary was founded in Peru and a powerful team recruited to provide better coverage in Latin America.

  • Perspectives_annual_report_2009

    2009 Company Report

    In 2009, microfinance institutions, SMEs and cooperatives felt the effects of the economic crisis but were able to use this to improve their business processes. Despite the difficult situation, responsAbility increased its portfolio to USD 900 million over this period.