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    Investment Case: Organic rice from Cambodia

    Cambodian organic rice processor and trader AMRU Rice is going from strength to strength. Thanks to private financing from abroad, the company can invest in new warehouses, production facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to meet international demand for its produce. Join us for a visit.

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    Access Bank Tanzania: Loans for booming businesses

    Supported by private sector financing, Access Bank Tanzania contributes to the development of a functioning financial sector and thus more growth and prosperity. The next task at hand: expanding its network in the country’s chronically undersupplied rural areas.

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    Investment Case: Entrepreneurship made in Africa

    The first cashew factory in the West African nation of Togo is expanding its business with the opening of a second factory. This growth would be impossible without pre-export financing and investment loans from abroad. Join us for a visit.

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    Financing for growth across the agricultural value chain

    Dedicated short-, mid- and long-term financing in the form of debt and equity capital enables farmer associations, processing organisations or trading companies to expand their activities and explore new opportunities in the area of sustainable agriculture. Learn what responsAbility has to offer in the field.

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    Investment Case: Innovative microfinance in Georgia

    The microfinance company Credo serves 50% of all Georgian microfinance borrowers. In a fiercely competitive market, its positioning is founded on creative innovation.

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    Climate change: Private sector investments for developing countries and emerging economies

    According to current forecasts, global energy requirements are set to increase by more than 30% by 2040, with the additional demand being driven 100% by non-OECD countries.

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    ASOPROAAA: Committed to producing superior quality coffee in Costa Rica

    Founded in 1998, the Costa Rican coffee cooperative ASOPROAAA focuses on producing micro-lot coffee – an approach that sets it apart from other coffee associations. This commitment to quality enables the farmers that work with ASOPROAAA to achieve higher and more stable incomes. The cooperative has been a client of responsAbility since 2011.

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    Microfinance: Achieving performance and impact through investments

    The global microfinance market is growing by an impressive 20% per year. Microfinance is widely accepted as an investment theme and attracts a high level of interest. It also makes an important contribution to development and prosperity. Specific expertise is needed to succeed in the field of microfinance, however.
    Watch this short film and learn more.

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    Sresta Natural Bioproducts is achieving growth of 60% per year

    India: A healthy diet is considered important among India’s expanding middle class. Sresta, the country’s largest producer of organic foods, is achieving growth of 60% per year. responsAbility funds have been investing in Sresta since 2011 – and are participating in the success of its business.

    • 20,500 small farmers

    • 30,000 tonnes of organic produce

    • 5,000 points of sale

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    Acopagro, Peru: Prosperity thanks to organic Fairtrade cocoa

    Founded in 1997 with 27 members, the Fairtrade-certified cocoa cooperative Acopagro, a responsAbility client since 2008, has risen to be the biggest exporter of organically produced cocoa beans in Peru, allowing its 2,000 members to make a decent living from cocoa cultivation.

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    Expert perspective:
    Microfinance Market Outlook 2015

    In this webcast about the Microfinance Market Outlook 2015, Christian Etzensperger, Senior Research Analyst, explains why responsAbility invests in microfinance and comments on the key findings of the study.

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    Innovative energy investments for East Africa

    East African countries have vast renewable energy resources but large sections of their population lack access to mains electricity.

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    Microfinance is financial sector development

    In this interview, Rochus Mommartz, a member of the responsAbility Executive Board, provides an insight into the topic of financial sector development.

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    Servicing India’s sanitation needs

    In 2006, Rajeev Kher established Saraplast to help address the shortage of proper sanitation facilities in India. His firm is today the country’s largest provider of portable toilet solutions.

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    Expert perspective: Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

    In this webcast about the Microfinance Market Outlook 2014, its author Christian Etzensperger, Senior Research Analyst, discusses developments in the microfinance segment in 2013 – describing how its strong growth was mainly driven by structural demand.

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    Expert perspective: interview with Bai Tushum

    The Kyrgyzstan-based firm Bai Tushum was established as a non-profit microfinance institution in 2000 and is today the sixth largest bank in the country after being granted a full banking license in 2012.

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    Investments in business models with growth potential

    This webcast turns the spotlight on India and looks at how responsAbility is investing – through its funds – in innovative companies whose business models offer significant growth potential.

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    Company portrait: 10 years investing in new perspectives

    In this webcast, Co-Founder and CEO Klaus Tischhauser and other responsAbility representatives discuss the concept behind the company and outline milestones in its development in the 10 years since it was established – from the launch of its first microfinance fund in 2003. (Video in German with English subtitle)

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    Microfinance in practice

    This ‘Cash TV Spezial’ programme examines the role and effectiveness of microfinance. To illustrate how the concept works in practice, it follows responsAbility Co-Founder and CEO Klaus Tischhauser and colleagues on a trip to Peru, where they visit a local microfinance institution.