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    Collaboration agreement to measure energy efficiency

    20.07.2017 A climate fund managed by responsAbility Investments AG has entered into collaboration with the Energy, Climate and Technology branch of the UN Environment. The partners will collaborate on developing country baselines for specific technologies to establish benchmarks for both sustainable energy policies and energy efficiency financing. The strategic partnership will allow responsAbility to obtain first-hand information on the development of sustainable energy policies that boost the demand for green products financed through the climate fund’s partner institutions.

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    Successful energy financing through responsAbility Investments

    17.07.2017 The responsAbility-managed energy fund focused on climate investments in developing countries more than doubled its climate impact in 2016. Alongside monetary benefits, the energy projects financed until the end of 2016 help to reduce CO2 emissions by 8.6 million tonnes over the lifecycle of the installed plants and equipment, double the amount recorded in 2015. At the same time, the funded projects generated more than three times as much renewable energy as in 2015.

  • New independent representatives from business and politics

    30.06.2017 responsAbility, the asset manager specialising in development investments, elected three new members to the Board of Directors at its annual general meeting on 29 June. The new independent members strengthen the board with their expertise in the areas of emerging markets and private equity, and with their strategy and management experience in the financial industry and politics.

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    Private equity investment in renewable power generation in Africa

    22.06.2017 A responsAbility-managed company designed to finance, build, own and operate renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa has started construction on a 2.7 MW hydropower plant in the Republic of Rwanda. The run-of-the-river plant is located on the Mukungwa River, in the Northern Province close to the city of Musanze. It is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018.

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    Investment in high volume working capital lender Dunasplus

    20.06.2017 A responsAbility-managed private equity vehicle has completed a USD 6 million investment in the Brazilian factoring company Dunasplus and now holds a significant minority stake in the company. Dunasplus focuses on supplying short-term working capital to SMEs, thus closing a gap in Brazil’s financial market.

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    Climate financing for Armenia’s leading bank

    22.02.2017 Zurich — AmeriaBank, Armenia’s leading corporate and SME bank, has signed a USD 30 million loan agreement with a responsAbility-managed fund focusing on climate financing. The facility is dedicated to financing corporate energy efficiency measures in sectors such as agriculture and industry in Armenia.

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    Leading Georgian universal bank to develop hydropower

    08.02.2017 Tbilisi and Zurich — Georgia-based TBC Bank has signed a USD 25 million loan agreement with a responsAbility-managed fund focusing on climate financing. The facility is dedicated to financing small-scale hydropower plants in Georgia.

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    Development investments: a response to global challenges

    18.01.2017 Zurich — Take USD 3 million of start-up financing from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), an asset management team with initiative and 13 years in the fertile ground of development investments and the result is: A total of USD 3.2 billion of assets – 80% of which is from the private sector – invested through 14 investment vehicles in a total of 560 companies across 96 countries. The responsAbility success story is a prime example of effective collaboration between the public and private sectors. A new publication examines this recipe for success.

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    responsAbility Investments AG strengthens its Executive Management Team

    12.01.2017 Zurich - responsAbility Investments AG, the asset manager specialising in development investments, has appointed Roland Pfeuti as Head Investment Solutions & Sales and a member of its Executive Management team. The Swiss specialist in private equity and sustainable finance will be responsible for the investor-oriented areas of the business, Investment Solutions and Sales.

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    responsAbility and Prasac sign agreement for climate financing

    15.12.2016 Zurich and Phnom Penh — Cambodia’s leading microfinance institution Prasac has signed an agreement for a USD 20 million green lending facility with a responsAbility-managed fund focusing on climate financing. The facility that took effect in October 2016, enables Prasac to pioneer green lending in Cambodia by offering its customers financing in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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    10–15% growth for global micro and SME finance markets with significant regional differences

    22.11.2016 Zurich — Global micro and SME finance markets are expected to grow by 10-15% next year according to the newly published responsAbility ‘Micro and SME Finance Market Outlook 2017’. The Asia Pacific region remains the principal driver of this trend. In addition to traditional microfinance, SME financing in developing countries is booming.

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    Boosting public-private partnerships to mitigate climate change

    13.09.2016 Zurich – Developing economies will account for the vast majority of growth in global energy demand and CO2 emissions over the coming decades. Innovative investment vehicles targeting this part of the world enable private entities to invest, along with public institutions, in renewable-energy generation and energy efficiency. With this objective, Netherlands-based ASN Bank recently invested in a responsAbility-managed fund set up as a public-private partnership and aimed at mitigating climate change.

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    Landmark transaction in development investments: responsAbility-managed funds take over part of FMO’s subordinated debt portfolio and invests USD 67.4 m in 9 financial institutions operating across 14 developing countries

    30.08.2016 The Hague/Zurich – The Dutch development bank FMO has sold a portion of its subordinated debt portfolio amounting to USD 67.4 million to three investment vehicles managed by Swiss-based asset manager responsAbility Investments AG. The portion of the portfolio comprises transactions with nine financial institutions active across 14 developing and emerging countries which predominantly serve small to mid-sized enterprises.

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    Leading Dutch insurance group Aegon invests in microfinance

    05.07.2016 Zurich, 5 July 2016 — Netherlands-based leading insurance group Aegon is joining the ranks of institutional investors which entrust their funds to responsAbility-managed investment solutions. Following a thorough investigation of the potential of microfinance, Aegon has now disbursed its first investments in this specific area of development investments.

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    Broad diversification of development investments

    22.06.2016 Zurich — responsAbility Investments AG, which specializes in development investments, is continuing its success story: In 2015 – as in previous years – the asset manager attracted over USD 500 million of new assets, which were invested via 12 different investment vehicles in a total of 522 companies in 95 developing countries and emerging economies. Strong growth was recorded in energy and agricultural investments in particular.

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    A new management structure for successful growth

    17.12.2015 Zürich – responsAbility Investments AG stellt sich auf das Jahr 2016 hin neu auf. Der auf Development Investments spezialisierte Schweizer Asset Manager erweitert unter der Leitung des neuen CEOs Rochus Mommartz die Geschäftsleitung um zwei Personen und verstärkt sich damit vor allem in den Bereichen Equity Investments und Regions & Operations personell.

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    Climate change: Private sector investments for developing countries and emerging economies

    08.12.2015 According to current forecasts, global energy requirements are set to increase by more than 30% by 2040, with the additional demand being driven 100% by non-OECD countries.

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    Global microfinance markets to grow by 10-15%

    25.11.2015 Zurich– Global microfinance markets are expected to grow by 10-15% in 2016, although growth rates will differ markedly between regions. This is the key finding of the newly released responsAbility Microfinance Market Outlook 2016. The reference publication’s sixth edition presents an in-depth and concise overview of the expected developments in the microfinance industry over the next year.

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    responsAbility announces CEO succession with a focus on continuity

    16.11.2015 Zurich – Klaus Tischhauser, Co-Founder & CEO of responsAbility Investments AG, will step down from his function as CEO at the end of 2015. Rochus Mommartz, a longstanding member of responsAbility’s Management Board, has been named as his successor. At the same time, it has been decided that the number of members on the Management Board will increase from three to five. This step will enable the company to strengthen its leadership team and to prepare for the next stage in its development.

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    India: Generating energy from crop waste

    22.10.2015 Zurich – India’s demand for energy far exceeds the supply within the country. With innovative business models, local companies such as Punjab Renewable Energy Systems (PRES) are seeking to ensure that renewable energy sources can also be used to meet this demand. PRES was recently named ‘the most innovative power company (renewable power, private sector)‘ by the Indian publication ‘Power Today‘ in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers. An investment vehicle managed by the Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments has invested in PRES since 2012.

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    28% growth: responsAbility remains on course for success

    17.06.2015 Zurich – responsAbility Investments AG, which specialises in development investments, now has USD 2.6 billion of assets under management invested in 535 companies in 93 emerging economies and developing countries through 12 different investment vehicles. Since 2011, the Swiss asset manager has attracted approximately USD 500 million of new assets each year. Institutional investors such as pension funds account for over 40% of these assets.

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    Investing in financial institutions in growth markets

    20.05.2015 Zurich – An equity investment vehicle managed by responsAbility Investments AG, which focuses on participations in solid financial services providers in developing and emerging economies, has successfully completed a CHF 74.75 million capital increase. The capital will be used to further expand a portfolio of participations in solid financial services providers in these markets. The responsAbility investment vehicle currently holds minority participations in four financial institutions and a network of financial services providers. The portfolio companies operate in a total of 21 countries.

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    EU passport for development investments

    30.04.2015 Zurich – The Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG (responsAbility), which specialises in development investments, is establishing an alternative investment fund management company in Luxembourg. responsAbility Management Company S.A. has taken over the management of six responsAbility investment products that are already domiciled in Luxembourg. The management company’s Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) status will enable responsAbility to distribute its investment products to professional investors throughout the EU in future.

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    Innovative investment fund launched to accelerate access to off-grid energy solutions

    31.03.2015 Zurich – responsAbility Investments AG, an independent asset manager specializing in development investments, is launching a new investment fund in collaboration with founding partner Shell Foundation and anchor investor IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. The fund is dedicated to providing debt financing to fast-growing companies which promote access to decentralized modern energy solutions, primarily in Africa and Asia.

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    responsAbility takes over the management of a climate fund

    20.11.2014 Zurich– responsAbility Investments AG has been appointed as investment manager for a KfW-led climate fund. Founded in December 2009, the fund is a public-private partnership dedicated to mitigating climate change through a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in emerging and developing markets. The fund was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and KfW Entwicklungsbank. Other current investors include the Department of Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom, the Danish Government, the International Finance Corporation, the Austrian Development Bank and a German pension fund serving as main investors. In this new role responsAbility is tasked with taking the fund’s growth to a new level.

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    responsAbility Research Insight

    16.09.2014 Following the change of government in India, a new era appears to be dawning in the country. Ensuring access to financial services for the 800 million adults living in India is one of the objectives defined in this context. The government and the Reserve Bank of India are focusing on the potential of the microfinance sector to help realize this objective. After suffering a politically-motivated setback in 2010, the microfinance sector is now thriving again and grew by 35% in 2013 alone. A study by the Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments examines current developments in India’s financial sector and shows how microfinance institutions are using innovative models to steadily close the massive supply gap.

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    responsAbility opens up smallholder finance for investment

    01.07.2014 Fairly traded products are growing in popularity. In 2013, sales of Fairtrade International-certified products in Switzerland grew by 15%, while worldwide their consumption rose by 20% to over USD 65 billion. Today, some 1.3 million smallholder farmers in 70 countries profit from fair trade. They, along with cooperatives, traders and importers, require working capital for their economic activities. The Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG has been successfully mobilising private funds towards this purpose for nearly ten years.

  • Perspectives EN

    responsAbility presents its latest report on its business activities and their impact

    05.06.2014 Zurich– The Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG, which specializes in development investments, is recording continued strong inflows of assets from both private and institutional investors – reflecting the sustained high level of investor interest in this area. In 2013 alone, its volume of assets under management grew by 37%. At the same time, there is strong demand for financing for the real economy in developing countries and emerging markets. In its latest Annual Review – Perspectives 2014 – responsAbility provides background information on its business activities and explains their impact from the perspective of investors as well as financed companies.

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    responsAbility establishes responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding in conjunction with KfW

    14.05.2014 Nairobi – Africa has vast potential with regard to renewable energy. The demand for energy is soaring as a result of population growth and advancing industrialization. Targeted investments make it possible to harness the available potential and to thus satisfy this demand. The Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG, which specializes in development-related sectors of emerging economies, has established a new company focusing on renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa in conjunction with the German development bank KfW as the main shareholder.

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    Volume of assets managed by responsAbility reaches USD 2 billion

    10.04.2014 Zurich – The Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments AG, which specializes in development-related sectors of emerging economies and developing countries, has reported an increase in assets under management to USD 2 billion.

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    responsAbility Research Insight:
    Microfinance: Rising efficiency, falling interest rates

    11.03.2014 Zurich – The Research department of the Swiss asset manager responsAbility Investments has conducted a microfinance study to identify the factors determining interest rates for micro-borrowers. It has found that a combination of healthy competition, effective regulation, an appropriate market infrastructure and innovation help to drive efficiency gains at microfinance institutions (MFIs), resulting in lower operating costs and interest rates.

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    responsAbility Participations AG - Capital increase successfully completed

    21.01.2014 responsAbility Participations AG successfully completed its CHF 23.5 million capital increase as of 16 December 2013. The capital will be used to further expand a portfolio of sound financial services providers with attractive growth potential in developing and emerging economies whose clients consist of low-income households as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

    20.11.2013 The emerging markets experienced a large-scale flight of capital in 2013. Despite the sharp falls suffered by some local stock markets and currencies, companies rooted in the real economy demonstrated their solidity. responsAbility Investments AG, the world's leading independent asset manager in the area of microfinance, today published its fourth Microfinance Market Outlook that combines an analysis of the current situation in the microfinance market with an assessment of how it is likely to develop in 2014.

  • The Microfinance Revolution in East Africa

    10.04.2013 In their latest study entitled 'The Microfinance Revolution in East Africa', the economists at responsAbility explore key developments in the financial sector from an emerging markets perspective.

  • responsAbility presents study of fair trade coffee growing in Costa Rica

    29.01.2013 responsAbility identifies three key criteria for success in developing sustainable agriculture: outline conditions favorable to development, strong producer organizations, and access to finance. Investments in fair trade are not only financially attractive but, according to this study, also help small farmers in developing economies to earn a better living.

  • responsAbility presents the Microfinance Market Outlook 2013

    05.12.2012 responsAbility, one of the world’s leading private investors in the area of development-related financing, presents the third successive edition of its annual Microfinance Market Outlook.

  • Health care in India: an investment that works

    21.08.2012 In their latest study, responsAbility’s economic experts explore the social and economic impact of investments in the Indian health care market.

  • responsAbility increases investment capacity and extends product range

    29.05.2012 In 2011, the assets managed by responsAbility passed the USD 1 billion mark. Investments reached 748,000 microfinance clients worldwide, around 57,000 more than the previous year.

  • Fair Trade is booming: demand for products, financing, and investments is on the rise

    12.05.2012 Fair trade is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide. In view of the continued high demand for fair trade products, responsAbility – one of the most important asset managers in the fair trade sector – also foresees solid performance for this market over the longer term.

  • First global Fair Trade fund launched

    12.01.2012 responsAbility is launching the responsAbility Fair Trade Fund, the first investment fund targeting the development potential of small farmers in developing economies.

  • responsAbility continues on growth track

    04.05.2011 responsAbility’s Social Performance Report 2011 once again underscores the positive impact of the company’s investment activity in developing economies and emerging markets.

  • responsAbility announces strategic investment in PlaNet Finance Group’s subsidiary PlaNIS

    03.02.2011 Based on its prominent role in the field of social investments, responsAbility is stepping up efforts to further expand its financing activities in developing countries and emerging markets through a strategic investment in PlaNIS, a subsidiary of PlaNet Finance Group.

  • Innovation for the swiss financial industry

    13.01.2011 responsAbility is launching responsAbility Ventures I, the first venture capital fund under Swiss law investing in companies with development impact.