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responsAbility invests in new perspectives. This also applies in the case of our own employees: we strive to create a working environment in which they can develop their talents for the benefit of our stakeholders. To achieve this, we act as a reliable employer that demands an entrepreneurial mindset, supports and motivates employees, and recognizes their performance.

Core elements of our human resources policy


The diversity of our employees enables us to continuously adopt new perspectives. This, in turn, allows us to identify and seize new opportunities that create real value for our stakeholders and help them to achieve long-term success.


We believe that when employees achieve a good work/life balance, this has a positive impact on their level of motivation in the workplace. We therefore offer modern and flexible working models.


Employee development is a key driver of our long-term success. At responsAbility, all employees – from experienced professionals to apprentices and students – are offered a range of training and development opportunities.

«For me, responsAbility is an employer of choice, …


“… that I can develop unique investment products that enrich the investment market on a long-term basis.”


“… our team of experts who identify with the company’s mission of promoting economic growth and development.”


“… that we strike the right balance between professionally structured processes and local knowhow.”


“… the opportunity to work with an international team to invest in renewable energy companies in East Africa.”




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