Financing for the financial sector

The financial sectors of emerging economies have the potential to drive sustainable growth in the real economy and thus bring about social change – as long as they are structured in an inclusive way. Investments in financial services providers help these companies to grow and to offer a wider range of products and services to those sections of the economy that often have no – or only limited – access to finance.

Expansion of products and services

Financing is available to financial institutions such as those serving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as low-income households. They may take the form of dedicated microfinance institutions and banks or they may be more diversified financial institutions with a strong focus on serving small and medium-sized enterprises.

Meeting the needs of underserved clients

Specialized financial institutions such as leasing companies and organizations that provide funding for homes may also qualify for investment provided they concentrate on meeting the needs of underserved sections of the population or the economy.

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Microfinance in practice