Financing for the energy sector

A strong supply of energy is one of the main drivers of economic growth: it stimulates industrial activity and enhances the efficiency of production processes. In emerging economies in particular, investments to increase power generation capacity play an important part in overcoming supply shortages – thus paving the way for sustainable economic growth.

Focus on renewable energy sources

To achieve this goal, responsAbility can provide equity or debt financing to private companies that are active in the field of renewable energy generation, including hydropower, biomass, biogas or solar, wind and geothermal power – whether the power they produce is fed into the grid or used for captive consumption.

Investing in innovative business models

Financing is also available to companies that produce or distribute renewable energy products to domestic users, as well as to other companies with innovative business models along the value chain. Suppliers of energy-efficient appliances, as well as renewable energy mini-grids, may also qualify for investment.

Addressing the efficient use of energy

At the same time, increasing the efficiency of energy consumption can help to mitigate growth-related increases in energy demand. In this area, responsAbility works mainly through dedicated financing for the financial sector used to fund energy efficiency measures and projects. In certain cases, responsAbility may also finance such projects directly (e.g. ESCO financing).

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