Long-term participations in high-growth companies

responsAbility is one of the world’s leading independent asset managers specializing in the development-related sectors of emerging economies. We provide equity financing to non-listed high-growth companies that are active in the following key sectors: finance, agriculture, energy, healthcare and education. Other sectors are considered on a selective basis.

Investment approach

Through our investment products, we typically seek to take significant minority stakes in investee companies and can provide a wide range of business services through our Technical Assistance Facility to help these companies realize their full potential. A typical investment ranges from USD 2 million to USD 6 million. However, we have the flexibility to exceed this amount or to offer a minimum investment of USD 0.5 million. We expect to exit investments within a period of five to eight years.

Investment criteria

To qualify for financing, investees must:

  • Be at the growth stage, with a proven business model and a strong track record. However, we do consider earlier stage companies on a case-by-case basis.

  • Be for-profit companies that also have a strong positive social and economic impact.

  • Have a strong management team (with a successful history of starting and/or managing companies) and be willing to engage in a partnership with responsibility.

In geographical terms, we focus on emerging economies and assign priority to companies operating in:

  • East Africa (Africa)

  • Colombia, Peru, Mexico (Latin America)

  • India (South Asia)

  • Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam (South East Asia)

Key team members


Rik Vyverman, Head Ventures Equity

Rik is responsible for all venture capital/private equity investments in sectors such as healthcare, energy, education and sustainable agriculture. He has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of venture capital/private equity in emerging markets (Africa, Asia and Latin America). Before joining responsAbility, Rik founded and managed a private equity fund in Vietnam.

Anand Chandani

Anand Chandani, Regional Director South & South East Asia

Anand heads our office in India and is responsible for defining our strategy and organizational structure in the region and for building up the local team. He focuses on social investments in sectors such as financial inclusion, technology, sustainable agriculture, energy, education and healthcare. Anand has over 15 years of operational and financial experience in fields such as product management, business development and project finance.

Akshay Dua_Web Gross

Akshay Dua, Senior Investment Officer

Akshay oversees deal sourcing, analysis, structuring and the execution of equity investments, as well as managing monitoring and exit planning for portfolio companies. He specializes in agriculture, education, healthcare and ICT across South and Southeast Asia. Akshay can draw on several years of experience gained while working at a private equity fund and investment bank.


Avinash Luthria, Senior Investment Officer

Avinash focuses on private equity investments in South Asia. He has 10 years of experience in Private Equity prior to which his experience includes entrepreneurship, management consulting, project management and IT consulting. Avinash has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.


Riddhi Daftary, Business Analyst

Riddhi oversees deal sourcing, analysis and execution of equity investments, as well as managing and exit planning for portfolio companies. She focuses on sectors such as clean energy, healthcare, education, financial inclusion and sustainable agriculture. She has over 5 years of experience in banking, capital markets and private equity.

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