New Hystra report: Reaching scale in access to energy - lessons from practitioners

As more than 1 billion people still do not have access to electricity, a new report investigates barriers and solutions to scale for market-based approaches offering cleaner energy access to low-income customers in developing countries, for home and small scale productive uses. responsAbility - through the technical assistance facility of a dedicated investment vehicle - is one of the sponsors of the report by global consulting firm Hystra, which works with business and social sector pioneers to design and implement inclusive business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate social and environmental problems.

The report focuses on learnings from a selection of the most innovative and successful practitioners, representing solutions with high potential and innovation dynamics: solar lanterns, solar home systems, clean energy microgrids, solar irrigation pumps, and improved cook stoves. According to Hystra, these solutions can help to improve energy access as well as support customers in “moving up the energy ladder” by acquiring supplementary power as their income improves and new opportunities emerge.

The report draws lessons from an in-depth analysis of 26 pioneer practitioners. It is targeted at entrepreneurs, major companies, investors, donors, and governments. Key questions addressed include: What can be learned from the early successes of solar lanterns distributors? Will pay-as-you-go be the 'silver bullet’ of solar home systems? Is there a commercially sustainable model for clean energy microgrids? Why are improved cook stoves not scaling as fast as solar lanterns? And what is the business potential for solar irrigation pumps?

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