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    Founder of responsAbility investee named ‘Impact Entrepreneur of the Year’

    12.07.2017 Rajeev Kher, CEO and founder of Saraplast 3S, India’s leading provider of portable sanitation services, has won the Impact Entrepreneur of the Year award conferred by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), an independent multilateral catalysing impact investment and entrepreneurship.


    M-KOPA: one of the 50 smartest companies in 2017

    10.07.2017 responsAbility is thrilled to work with one of the world's 50 Smartest Companies 2017 chosen by MIT Technology Review.

  • GCPF

    Mitigating climate change by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy

    28.06.2017 A responsAbility-managed investment vehicle continues to lead the way in financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in developing countries.

  • 39% growth for Swiss sustainable investment market

    06.06.2017 39% growth for Swiss sustainable investment market

  • Hystra_Logo

    New Hystra report: Reaching scale in access to energy - lessons from practitioners

    30.05.2017 As more than 1 billion people still do not have access to electricity, a new report investigates barriers and solutions to scale for market-based approaches offering cleaner energy access to low-income customers in developing countries, for home and small scale productive uses. responsAbility is one of the sponsors of the report by global consulting firm Hystra, which works with business and social sector pioneers to design and implement inclusive business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate social and environmental problems.

  • PPS_2017

    Rencontrez responsAbility au Salon PPS à Lausanne, 7/8 juin 2017

    22.05.2017 Les Editions EPAS organisent le prochain Salon Prévoyance Professionnelle/Symposium de Prévoyance (Salon PPS/Symposium) au SwissTech Convention Center à Lausanne. Durant ces deux jours, nous espérons accueillir environ 1000 visiteurs qui viendront s'informer sur les actualités du 2ème pilier.

  • France-Inv-2017 (00000002)

    Meet responsAbility at the France Institutional Investor Forum in Paris on 17 May 2017

    03.05.2017 France Institutional Investor Forum is an educational meeting designed with the region’s leading institutional investors to build peer communities that merge global best practices with local expertise.

  • Impact_Forum_Logo

    Meet responsAbility at the Impact Forum Berlin on 28 March 2017

    14.03.2017 The 4th Impact Forum Berlin will take place on 28 March 2017 on the subject of “Funding & Capital – how foundations achieve optimal impact”.

  • GFAI_Logo

    Meet responsAbility at the Geneva Forum for Alternative Investment on 23 March 2017

    07.03.2017 GFAI is a unique event presenting alternative asset management in Geneva.
    This is the only event dedicated exclusively to alternative investments in Geneva.
    2017 will be the 6th edition of GFAI, known as the privileged meeting point of the industry.
    It provides access to renowned experts and offers technical workshops to present investment solutions.

  • Impact summit europe

    Meet responsAbility at the Impact Summit Europe in The Hague on 21/22 March 2017

    07.03.2017 The Impact Summit Europe is designed to gather leaders in the impact investment industry and to offer participants a platform for exchange on best practices, challenges and opportunities in the impact investment space.

  • LINDNER Grand Hotel Beau Rivage

    Meet responsAbility at the Vorsorgeforum Interlaken on 14 March 2017

    01.03.2017 The 4th annual Vorsorgeforum Interlaken reports news from regulatory authorities, shines a light on the challenges faced by pension funds, presents strategies and innovations, analyses new possibilities in investments and introduces innovative FinTech-offers for pension funds.

  • AFCA-Logo

    Meet responsAbility at African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition, 15 to 17 February 2017 in Addis Ababa.

    13.02.2017 The African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition is Africa’s largest coffee trade platform that brings over 2000 regional and international coffee roasters, traders, producers, professionals and connoisseurs together.

  • BIOFACH-Logo

    Meet responsAbility at Biofach 2017, 15 to 18 February 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

    13.02.2017 BIOFACH is the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food.

  • WCC-Logo

    Meet responsAbility at World Cashew Convention, 9 to 11 February 2017 in Singapore.

    08.02.2017 responsAbility will be present at the World Cashew Convention as a sponsor with a booth and a number of representatives, who will be speaking on different panels.

  • CSAF

    Major agricultural lenders affirm shared environmental and social principles

    06.02.2017 Gaëlle, the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) has adopted a set of jointly developed environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

  • Tanzania_Access_finance

    New study highlights key role of impact investing in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa

    04.01.2017 Developing countries will need an estimated USD 3.3 to 4.5 trillion in annual investments to achieve the SDG agenda by 2030, well beyond the amounts counted as official development assistance, according to a new study by Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) and the Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI).

  • 20161116_market_insights_pic_riceconference_small

    Meet responsAbility at the 8th TRT World Rice Conference, 16 to 18 November 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    16.11.2016 responsAbility will be present at the TRT World Rice Conference as a sponsor with a booth and a number of representatives, who will be speaking on different panels.

  • 20161115_market_insights_pic_lanternforum_small

    Join responsAbility at the Lantern Fund Forum, Lugano

    15.11.2016 The LFF – Lantern Fund Forum (formerly Lugano Fund Forum) is the sixth edition of one of the most important events focused on Asset Management, Investment Tools (covered warrants, certificates, ETF, structured bonds, unit linked …) and Fundamental Analysis, organized in Switzerland and Northern Italy.

  • 20161026_market_insights_pic_UnlockingSolar_small

    Meet responsAbility at the Unlocking Solar Capital Africa Conference, 1 & 2 November 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

    26.10.2016 responsAbility will be present at the Unlocking Solar Capital Africa Conference as a sponsor with a booth and a number of representatives, who will be speaking on different panels.

  • 20161025_market_insights_pic_millennials_small

    Anticipated wealth transfer to millennials could transform the financial sector

    25.10.2016 Dubbed millennials or generation Y, those aged between 18 and 35 today will inherit some USD 30 trillion over the next few decades – the biggest-ever transfer of wealth.

  • 20161021_market_inisghts_pic_GIIN_small
  • 20161019_market_insights_pic_foromic_small

    Meet responsAbility at Foromic, 24 – 26 October 2016

    19.10.2016 From 24 – 26 October 2016, the Foromic conference (www.fomin-events.com/foromic/2016/web) is taking place in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

  • 20161014_market_insights_pic_mckinsey_small

    McKinsey Global Institute: Digital finance as a growth engine in emerging economies

    14.10.2016 Digital finance – delivering financial services by mobile phone – could benefit billions of people by spurring inclusive growth that could add USD3.7 trillion, or 6%, to emerging economies’ GDP within a decade, according to a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).

  • 20160817_market insigths_pic_FiBL_small

    Organic agriculture improves soil fertility and farmer incomes in Sub-Saharan Africa

    17.08.2016 Compared to conventional farming, organic agriculture can improve soil fertility and economic profitability at unchanged yields, according to a field study which the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) is conducting with local partners in Kenya.

  • 20160810_market_insights_pic_Financing_Climate_Action_small

    The Sustainable Investment Forum presents a graphic illustration of what is needed to finance climate action

    10.08.2016 Whilst the Paris Agreement has provided political certainty around tackling climate change, the finance community needs to transform investment practices to drive the low carbon economy forward... How will this be achieved?

  • 20160803_market_inisghts_pic_ANDE_small

    New report by Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs finds small business investments on the rise

    05.08.2016 The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) has presented its 2015 Impact Report.

  • 20160728_market_insights_pic_IFC_small

    IFC sees trillion-dollar opportunity for climate-smart investing in Latin America

    28.07.2016 Keeping the world on the low-carbon path agreed at the Paris Climate Summit in 2015 will require an estimated USD 93 trillion in cumulative global investments in low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure from 2015 to 2030, according to IFC, a member of the World Bank Group that provides investment, advisory and asset management services to encourage private sector development in developing countries.

  • 20160719_market_insights_pic_BGC_small

    New report sees emerging multinationals outgrowing their developed market counterparts

    19.07.2016 Emerging multinationals from developing countries grew three times faster than their mature market counterparts in the five years to the end of 2014, according to a new study by consultancy BCG.

  • 20160222_market_news_pic_AstroSolarPark_small

    Solar PV boom to benefit developing and emerging economies

    15.07.2016 Solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity could increase by a factor of 10 by 2030, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

  • 20160713_market_insights_pic_kenya_financialsector_small

    New study explores Kenya’s success story in financial sector development

    13.07.2016 Giant leaps in financial inclusion driven by private sector innovation and supportive regulation have made Kenya a case study in financial sector development.

  • 20160711_market_insights_pic_FOEN_small

    “Roadmap Towards a Sustainable Financial System in Switzerland” highlights investment challenge and business opportunities

    11.07.2016 A new report from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) reflects the accelerating global momentum towards more sustainable financial systems.

  • 20160707_market_insights_pic_europlace_small

    Perspectives at Paris Europlace

    07.07.2016 To strengthen its presence in the French market, responsAbility took part in the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum, along with over 1,500 representatives from major financial institutions.

  • 20160706_market_insights_pic_uniqueApproach_small

    responsAbility’s value chain approach to development investments

    06.07.2016 A global pioneer and leader in development investments, responsAbility covers the entire value chain of debt and equity investments in the finance, energy and agriculture sectors in developing countries – from origination to processing, managing and distributing investments.

  • 20160628_market_insights_pic_GIIN_survey_small

    GIIN survey signals continued growth and solid financial performance of impact investing

    28.06.2016 The adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has fuelled impact investments, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) says in its 2016 Impact Investor Survey.

  • 20160624_market_insights_pic_elnino_small

    El Niño is over, but La Niña looms

    24.06.2016 The 2015–2016 El Niño, one of the three strongest on record, is officially over. More than a year after the conception of the weather-disrupting El Niño, the unusually warm seawater in the eastern Pacific Ocean has dissipated, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center reported earlier this month.

  • 20160616_market_insights_pic_worldbank_report_small

    New World Bank report warns of slowing catch-up process in developing economies

    16.06.2016 For the first time since the turn of the century a majority of emerging and developing economies (EMDEs) are no longer closing the income gap with the rich Western countries, a new World Bank report says.

  • 20160609_market_insights_pic_Millenials_small

    Investing with a conscience: new report reveals values shift amongst millennials

    09.06.2016 The millennials generation – those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s – will receive an anticipated USD 30 trillion of wealth transfer from aging baby boomers in the next few decades.

  • 20160519_market_insights_pic_SSF_report_small

    Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Report shows triple-digit market growth

    19.05.2016 According to the Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Report, Switzerland’s sustainable investment market experienced dynamic growth in 2015, expanding by 170 percent over the year.

  • 20160517_market_insights_pic_CocoaConference_small

    Meet responsAbility at the World Cocoa Conference in the Dominican Republic on 22-25 May 2016

    17.05.2016 The leading event for the global cocoa sector, this established conference brings together the major players involved in the global cocoa value chain.

  • 20160513_market_insights_pic_alfi_MBEE_small

    Agricultural and energy sectors crucial for development

    13.05.2016 Speaking at a panel at the Impact Investing Conference held in Luxembourg on 12 May, 2016, Markus Beeler, Head Product Management & Markets at responsAbility, underlined the important role the private sector has to play in development investments, oten in collaboration with public development organisations.

  • 20160511_market_news_pic_alfi_small

    Meet responsAbility at the Impact Investing Conference in Luxembourg on 12 May 2016

    11.05.2016 The conference offers keynote speeches, case studies and panel discussions. Bringing together investors, practitioners and researchers from around the world, the conference is designed to offer the impact financing community a unique platform to foster knowledge sharing and exchange experiences.

  • 20160503_market_news_pic_equitas_small

    Flying start for Equitas IPO – responsAbility funds benefit on equity and debt side

    03.05.2016 responsAbility investee Equitas Holdings has made its successful stock market debut, apparently confirming the growing sense that the Indian microfinance sector has put its crisis well behind it.

  • 20160502_market_news_pic_AFSIC_small

    Meet responsAbility at the Africa Financial Services Investment Conference in London on 5-6 May 2016

    02.05.2016 The Africa Financial Services Investment Conference (AFSIC), now in its fourth year, brings together African financial services companies with a wide range of Africa’s most important investors on the debt and equity side.

  • 20160429_market_news_pic_GIIN_Impact_measurement_small

    GIIN Report on Impact Measurement in the Clean Energy Sector

    29.04.2016 The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing, has released a new report examining how impact investors measure the social and environmental performance of investments in the clean energy sector.

  • 20160428_market_insights_PK_Messe_small

    responsAbility at the 2. Säule trade fair in Zurich from 27 to 28 April

    26.04.2016 The trade fair 2. Säule offers representatives of pension funds a platform for an exchange of views with decision-makers in the occupational pension sector as well as experts on all aspects of pension funds.

  • 20160411_market_insights_pic_SCAA_small

    Meet responsAbility at the SCAA Expo in Atlanta on 14-17 April 2016

    11.04.2016 SCAA's 28th annual Expo will feature hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest and most innovative products on the coffee market.

  • 20160331_market_insights_Climate_Change

    Climate change causes extreme weather, US National Academy of Sciences says

    31.03.2016 Is climate change the cause of extreme weather events? The latest research study from the National Academy of Sciences in the US, Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change, confirms a direct link by focusing on the impact of climate change and weather conditions.

  • 20160325_market_insights_kenya_small

    Services are Kenya’s growth engine, World Bank report says

    29.03.2016 A recently published World Bank report titled “Kenya - Country economic memorandum: from economic growth to jobs and shared prosperity” takes a bird’s-eye view of key aspects of the country’s economic development.

  • 20160324_market_insights_pic_ISE_small

    Permanent capital as a precondition for growth

    24.03.2016 This week’s Impact Summit Europe brought together leading representatives from the impact investing sector in The Hague, Netherlands.

  • 20160321_market_insights_pic_IEA_small

    IEA confirms decoupling of global CO2 emissions and economic growth

    21.03.2016 A new data analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that a surge in renewable energy caused energy-related CO2 emissions to stall for the second year in a row in 2015.

  • 20160317_market_news_pic_impactsummit_small

    Meet responsAbility at the Impact Summit Europe in The Hague on 22/23 March 2016

    17.03.2016 The Impact Summit Europe is designed to gather leaders in the impact investment industry and to offer participants a platform for exchange on best practices, challenges and opportunities in the impact investment space.

  • 20160314_market_news_pic_CrackingtheNut_small

    “Cracking the Nut”: How to boost agriculture in developing countries

    14.03.2016 Global food security, the impact of agriculture on poverty alleviation, the need to boost productivity also in the light of climate change, and farmer inclusion in sustainable value chains – these were some of the topics discussed at the Cracking the Nut conference held in Washington DC from 1-2 March.

  • 20160310_market_news_pic_Vorsorgeforum_small

    Meet responsAbility at the Vorsorgeforum Interlaken on 15 March 2016

    10.03.2016 The annual Vorsorgeforum Interlaken, which is held for the third time this year, brings together members of employee benefit committees, investment committees, foundation boards and boards of directors, managing directors and pension fund managers as well as employees of pension funds and employee benefit institutions.

  • 20160304_market_news_pic_GIIN_SouthAfrica_130px

    New GIIN analysis: “The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa”

    04.03.2016 The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), in partnership with Open Capital Advisors, has published “The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa”, a state-of-the-market analysis of the impact investing industry in the region.

  • 20160223_market_news_pic_BIM_Peru_small

    Peru’s first mobile money platform launched

    23.02.2016 BIM (mibim.pe) was founded earlier this month. The platform operates on any mobile phone and enables fully interoperable digital financial services across mobile networks and financial services providers in Peru.

  • 20160222_market_news_pic_AstroSolarPark_small

    Clean energy for developing economies: closing the investment gap

    22.02.2016 Faced with the dual challenge of rising energy demand and limited availability of public investment funding, the private sector can assume a key role in efforts to overcome the investment deficit across many areas of the energy sector.

  • 20160215_market_news_pic_WCC_small

    Meet responsAbility at the World Cashew Convention, 18th – 20th February 2016 in Dubai

    15.02.2016 responsAbility will be present at World Cashew Convention as Platinum Sponsor with a booth and a number of representatives.

  • 20160212_market_insights_pic_BP_Energy_small

    Renewables to assume greater role in changing energy mix, BP Energy Outlook 2016 claims

    12.02.2016 In its Energy Outlook 2016, published this week, BP expects global energy consumption to increase by 34% between 2014 and 2035.

  • 20160125_market_news_pic_WEF_small

    Energy for emerging economies: USD 500 billion of annual investments needed over the next 25 years

    25.01.2016 Electricity markets in fast-growing economies face different challenges from those in more mature markets.

  • 20160120_market_news_pic_development_investments_small

    Development investments: catch-up growth to continue unabated

    20.01.2016 According to the latest global economic forecasts which the International Monetary Fund presented yesterday, developing economies will see their average growth rates accelerate from 4% in 2015 to 4.3% and 4.7% in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

  • 20160114_market_news_pic_Aktienmarktturbulenzen_China_small

    China stock market turmoil: responsAbility funds remain resilient

    14.01.2016 The return of volatility to Chinese stock markets and the largest devaluation of the yuan since August brought some nervousness to global markets last week.

  • 20160112_market_news_pic_ASEAN

    Meet responsAbility at the ASEAN Microfinance Forum, 20th January in Kuala Lumpur

    12.01.2016 responsAbility will be present at the ASEAN Microfinance Forum as Corporate Sponsor.

  • market news pic FED 18122015 small

    The rise in interest rates: Limited impact on responsAbility’s investments

    18.12.2015 The US Fed decided to raise its policy rate by 25 basis points on 16 December. This is the first increase since 2006 and the first move since rates were cut to a range of 0-0.25% in late 2008.

  • 151209_GIIN_The_Landscape_short

    The landscape for impact investing in West Africa

    15.12.2015 The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has recently published ‘The Landscape for Impact Investing in West Africa’. A collaboration with Dalberg, the report is a state-of-the-art market analysis of the impact investing industry in the region.

  • New World Bank report on the impact of climate change

    09.12.2015 In its recent published report “Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty”, The World Bank demonstrates that climate change is an acute threat to poorer people across the world, with the power to push more than 100 million people back into poverty over the next fifteen years.

  • market news pic luganoforum 18112015 small

    Join responsAbility at the Lugano Fund Forum

    18.11.2015 The Lugano Fund Forum (LFF) is the fifth edition of one of the most important event focused on Asset Management, Investment Tools and Fundamental Analysis, organised in Switzerland and Northern Italy.

  • market_news_pic_sintercafé_11112015_small

    Meet responsAbility at Sinter Café, 12th – 15th November 2015 in Costa Rica

    11.11.2015 From 12th – 15th November 2015, the 29th edition of Sinter Café is opening its doors in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica.

  • market_news_pic_MFC_28102015_small

    Meet responsAbility at the 18th Annual MFC-Conference in Prague, 5 – 6 November 2015

    28.10.2015 From 5 – 6 November, the 18th edition of MFC, is opening its doors in Prague, Czech Republic under the motto “Employment, Youth, and Investment: What can Microfinance do?”

  • market news pic kenya mobile phone 16102015 small

    Kenya launches first mobile phone bond

    16.10.2015 Kenya issued its first government bond to be offered exclusively through mobile phones last week, taking advantage of the country's booming mobile money market.

  • market_news_pic_United_Nations_agenda_07102015_small

    Financial inclusion remains high on the United Nations’ agenda

    07.10.2015 At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25 September 2015, more than 160 world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes a set of 17 goals and 169 targets to end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years.

  • market_news_pic_ACA_18092015_small

    Meet responsAbility at ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo

    18.09.2015 The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) was established in 2006 as an association of African and international businesses with an interest in promoting a globally competitive African cashew industry.

  • market_news_pic_bandhanbank_08092015_small

    India: The birth of a new bank

    08.09.2015 Bandhan Bank's formal inauguration ceremony took place on 23 August in Kolkata. The significance of this inauguration can be partly judged by its eminent attendees, who descended in Kolkata this weekend to extend their support to the bank.

  • market_news_pic_kazakhstan_03092015_small

    Investment market Kazakhstan: Tenge devaluation and its implications

    03.09.2015 On 20 August, the National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK) allowed the tenge to float freely. In response, it weakened by more than 20% against the US dollar to over 250 tenge per dollar.

  • M-Kopa

    U.S. President Obama stresses Kenya’s potential as a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship during visit to Africa

    05.08.2015 M-KOPA Solar is one of the leading providers of affordable energy solutions for off-grid customers in Kenya. It is also one of more than 530 companies that responsAbility works with worldwide.

  • market_news_pic_newclimate_23072015_small

    New GCEC report finds that global warming can be halted without denting economic growth

    23.07.2015 Recent global trends such as the dramatically falling cost of clean energy, the continuing volatility of oil prices, and the worldwide growth of carbon pricing challenge the conventional view that it is too expensive for many developed countries – let alone developing nations – to tackle climate change, according to the latest report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate (GCEC), a group of international chief executives, economists and political figures.

  • market_news_pic_FNG_marktbericht_13072015_small

    Sustainable investments grow by 47% in 2014

    13.07.2015 Sustainable investments recorded above-average growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2014, sustainable investment association Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG) reports in its market report for 2014

  • market news pic PwC studie 07072015 small

    New PwC study: “Alternative asset management 2020: Fast forward to centre stage”

    07.07.2015 Auditing and consulting company PwC tackles the broad field of alternative investments in its current study “Alternative asset management 2020: Fast forward to centre stage.”

  • market_news_pic_valoral_02072015_klein

    2015 Global Food & Agriculture Investment Outlook

    03.07.2015 In this strategic review of the investment landscape in Food & Agriculture (F&G), Luxembourg-based advisory firm Valoral Advisors, which specializes in global food & agricultural investments, presents an up-to-date analysis of the major asset categories and a special section on South America's challenges and opportunities

  • Perspektiven_2015_Cover_FR_klein

    Development leads to returns

    22.06.2015 The new edition of “Perspectives,” the leading publication in the area of development investments provides fascinating insights into this type of profit-oriented investment in which development leads to returns and investments to prosperity

  • 15-50-111 Cover Perspektiven-Auswahl-druck_klein

    Demand for development investments is undiminished

    18.06.2015 With 28% growth in assets under management for the business year 2014 responsAbility Investments AG remains on course for success

  • market news pic ssf 06052015

    Upbeat prospects for Swiss Sustainable Finance

    06.05.2015 The industry association Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) is continuing to grow, and now has 83 members and partners, a trend that is continuing to gather speed

  • market_news_pic_what_investor_want_22042015_small

    What investors want

    22.04.2015 KPMG and ALFI Luxemburg recently released the European Responsible Investing Fund Survey 2015, describing the "Investor 2030"

  • market news pic climate shock 08042015 small

    Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet

    08.04.2015 In this new publication, Gernot Wagner, an academic who works for the US Environmental Defense Fund, and Harvard professor Martin Weitzman explore in lively, clear terms the likely repercussions of a hotter planet, drawing on and expanding from work previously unavailable to general audiences

  • market_news_pic_tanzania_mobile_money_revolutions_02042015_small

    Tanzania's Mobile Money Revolution

    02.04.2015 Kenya is often lauded as global pioneer when it comes to mobile money, but Tanzania is also making its mark

  • market_news_pic_havard_study_26032015_small

    Investments in sustainability issues are shareholder-value enhancing, new Harvard study claims

    26.03.2015 New research from Harvard University claims that investing in companies doing well on specifically material sustainability matters leads to strong stock market performance

  • market news pic GIIN impact base 16032015_klein

    GIIN launches report analyzing over 300 funds

    16.03.2015 The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has just released ImpactBase Snapshot: An Analysis of 300+ Impact Investing Funds

  • market news pic global sustainable investment review 20150309_klein

    Just published: Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014

    09.03.2015 According to the Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014, a report recently released by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA), the global sustainable investment market has grown substantially in both absolute and relative terms

  • market news pic off-grid enery india 02.03.15

    Just published: “The business case for off-grid energy in India”

    02.03.2015 The Climate Group, in partnership with Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets, has published a flagship study to identify promising off-grid energy business models in India with the greatest potential for scale-up

  • market news pic OECD 11.02.15_2

    New OECD publication on institutional investment in sustainable energy

    11.02.2015 This report develops a framework that classifies investments according to different types of financing instruments and investment funds, and highlights the risk mitigants and transaction enablers that intermediaries (such as public green investment banks and other public financial institutions) can use to mobilise institutionally held capital

  • market news pic cashew convention dubai 05.02.15_1

    Meet responsAbility at the World Cashew Convention in Dubai

    05.02.2015 The World Cashew Convention will be held between 5-6 February in Dubai, UAE

  • market news pic logo fruit logistica 02.02.15_01

    Meet responsAbility at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

    02.02.2015 From 4 – 6 February 2015, some 2,600 companies from across the entire fresh produce sector – from global players to small and medium-sized companies and organisations from all over the world – will again gather for Fruit Logistica in Berlin

  • market news pic EIU study 2014 30.01.15

    Release of EIU's revamped Global Microscope 2014

    30.01.2015 The EIU's revamped Global Microscope 2014: The enabling environment for financial inclusion has been released, and assesses the regulatory environment for financial inclusion across 12 indicators and 55 countries

  • market news pic SNB 19.01.2015

    Altered exchange rate between CHF and EUR: very limited impact on investments by responsAbility funds

    19.01.2015 The recent decision of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to discontinue the minimum exchange rate of CHF 1.20 per EUR has only very limited immediate impact on the valuation of investments by responsAbility funds

  • Cover Studie GIIN

    GIIN publishes ‘state of the market’ analysis of impact investing in South Asia

    13.01.2015 In late December 2014, The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), in partnership with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, released the most comprehensive study to date on trends, opportunities and challenges of impact investing in South Asia

  • bitpesa

    The beauty of technology: BitPesa provides mobile money for Silicon Savannah

    08.01.2015 Using innovative technology to foster financial inclusion, Kenya’s BitPesa is advancing the mobile money story in the African country that is also known as Silicon Savannah

  • 141222_FAS

    IMF’s 2014 financial access survey helps to map global financial inclusion

    05.01.2015 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released the results of its fifth annual Financial Access Survey (FAS).

  • 141222 Mobile broadband

    Growing the mobile economy

    29.12.2014 Mobile technologies hold great promise for the developing world as an increase in mobile penetration has been shown to have a positive effect on living standards and GDP per capita growth

  • market news pic CGAP Logo 22.12.14

    Financial access and mobile money

    22.12.2014 The IMF recently published new data on financial access globally

  • market news pic stiftungen 18.12.2014_1

    German Foundations are looking for sustainable investments

    18.12.2014 The German Association of Foundations released a new report focusing on sustainable investing

  • world toilet day logo_2

    World Toilet Day

    19.11.2014 Today is World Toilet Day, a UN-recognized event observed annually on 19 November

  • 141117 Doing Business 2015_3

    „Doing Business 2015“

    17.11.2014 The 2015 Doing Business Index has come out, ranking the ease of doing business in 189 economies around the world, as well as regional variations within some large countries

  • 141113 power-africa-lightbulb1

    responsAbility joins Power Africa’s "Beyond the Grid" initiative

    13.11.2014 responsAbility has recently joined other global investors in pledging to increase energy access for underserved populations across sub-Saharan Africa through USAID's "Beyond the Grid" - an initiative of the Obama administration's "Power Africa" program launched in June 2013

  • Familiy_Office_Forum_1

    responsAbility keynote speech at Family Office Forum, Zurich

    11.11.2014 The Family Office Forum Zurich is an annual international conference attended by family offices from around the globe


    responsAbility hosts Financial Inclusion Equity Council Meeting in Zurich

    10.11.2014 The Financial Inclusion Equity Council (FIEC) brings together the leading private entities making active, long term, and sustainable equity investments in institutions focusing on under- or un-served clients, with the goal of achieving greater financial inclusion.

  • 141104_Foromic_logo_2

    Meet responsAbility at Foromic in Guayaquil, Ecuador

    04.11.2014 As of today through 6 November, the 17th edition of Foromic, the yearly Latin American microfinance event organized by The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), is opening its doors in Guayaquil, Ecuador under the motto “Inclusive Finance: Business Models that Work for All.”

  • 141029_IMF_Logo

    IMF Financial Access Survey underpins link between financial inclusion and economic growth

    29.10.2014 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released the 2013 data of their Financial Access Survey (FAS)

  • SSF Logo_klein

    Meet responsAbility at Swiss Sustainable Finance’s first public event

    22.10.2014 The event takes place on 23 October at SIX in Zurich

  • 141021 IA 50 2014 badge_plain

    responsAbility selected for ImpactAssets 50

    21.10.2014 responsAbility has been selected for ImpactAssets 50 2014 (IA 50), the first publically available database of private debt and equity impact investment fund managers

  • 141015 McKinsey study

    McKinsey presents: “Rethinking bank risk in emerging markets”

    15.10.2014 In a recently published article consulting firm McKinsey presents an overview of banking risk and performance in emerging versus developed markets - in the past, present and future

  • GIIN Logo 2

    Meet responsAbility at the GIIN Breakfast Meeting in Zurich

    08.10.2014 The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is hosting a Breakfast Meeting with its Swiss-based members on 9 October at 7.30 am in Zurich

  • 140917_MF_1

    Microfinance worldwide: lower interests, more savings

    01.10.2014 There are more than 10,000 microfinance institutions (MFIs) globally which comprise a wide range of institutions, from credit unions and cooperatives to non-government organizations, government agencies, private companies and commercial banks

  • SSF Logo_klein

    Comprehensive action plan for sustainability in the Swiss financial centre

    25.09.2014 On September 22, Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) convened for its inaugural general meeting. The election of the board was an important agenda item. In six workshops the members drafted several action plans that will be implemented in the near future

  • 140924_Social Impact Report_Page_01

    First report by the G8 Social Impact investment Taskforce

    24.09.2014 In June 2013 the G8 announced the launch of an independent Social Impact Investment Taskforce with the ambitious objective of reporting on ‘how to catalyze a global market in impact investment’ in order to improve society

  • 140911_Logo_Friends_of_Funds

    Meet responsAbility at ‘Friends of Funds’ in Zurich

    12.09.2014 On Tuesday, 16 September 2014, Mirjam Farnum, Head Relationship Management at responsAbility Investments AG, will speak at an event being held in Zurich by ‘Friends of Funds’ on the topic ‘Responsible investing – setting a new example for collective investment schemes’

  • 140911_Logo_Robecosam2

    Pension fund members in Switzerland are calling for sustainable investment strategies, RobecoSAM study says

    11.09.2014 RobecoSAM, the investment specialist focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, asked members of pension funds in Switzerland whether they are interested in their pension fund’s (PF) investment strategy and whether they want their PF to pursue a sustainable approach to investment

  • TBLI Nordic klein 3

    Meet responsAbility at TBLI Conference Nordic

    08.09.2014 On 10-11 September, TBLI Group will be holding its first conference in partnership with a leading business school with BI Norwegian School of Management as the academic partner

  • Peru

    President of Peru's Central Bank Visits Switzerland

    04.09.2014 As part of Peru's investor roadshow, the president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde Flores, met yesterday with Johann Schneider-Ammann, a member of the Swiss Federal Council

  • IMG_3760

    S&P Raises Ecuador rating to B+ from B with stable outlook

    01.09.2014 On August 20th, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) raised Ecuador’s long-term sovereign debt credit rating to B+ from B, citing a stable outlook.

  • 159768026_11Ho Chi Ming3

    Big growth potential for alternative investments

    26.08.2014 Big growth potential for alternative investments

  • sustainable-date-producti-009

    How sustainable date production could aid Tunisian economic development

    18.08.2014 How sustainable date production could aid Tunisian economic development

  • worldbank logo

    World Bank research: “From pawn shops to banks: The impact of formal credit on informal households”

    11.08.2014 World Bank research: “From pawn shops to banks: The impact of formal credit on informal households”

  • CSAF

    Joint industry standards for smallholder agricultural finance

    04.08.2014 Joint industry standards for smallholder agricultural finance

  • Meet responsAbility at the Asia Microfinance Forum in Shanghai, 4-8 August 2014

    29.07.2014 Meet responsAbility at the Asia Microfinance Forum in Shanghai, 4-8 August 2014

  • 140721 o3b-satellites-lift-off1

    New satellites to provide faster Internet access in developing countries

    21.07.2014 New satellites to provide faster Internet access in developing countries

  • 140714 Euromonitor BoP to Emerging Middle Classes in Latin America

    Latin American Middle class purchasing power goes from strength to strength

    14.07.2014 Latin American Middle class purchasing power goes from strength to strength

  • SMEs in developing world need USD 2 trillion to grow

    08.07.2014 About 200 million formal and informal micro, small and medium enterprises in developing countries lack the financing they need to grow. That is half of all businesses in these countries.

  • image003

    ”Swiss Sustainable Finance”: A new platform to promote sustainability in the Swiss financial centre

    01.07.2014 responsAbility is a founding member of Swiss Sustainable Finance, which officially announced its foundation today

  • Spotlight on the Market 140623

    Spotlight on the impact investment market

    23.06.2014 Spotlight on the impact investment market

  • Picture_East_Africa_cut

    The mobile money revolution in Africa

    17.06.2014 New technologies are changing people’s lives. An interesting report from Bloomberg TV features the mobile money revolution in Kenya.

  • Meet responsAbility at the 17th Annual MFC-Conference in Istanbul, 27-28 May

    27.05.2014 Meet responsAbility at the 17th Annual MFC-Conference in Istanbul, 27-28 May

  • World Fair Trade Day on 10 May 2014: Continued high demand for products, financing, and investments

    09.05.2014 World Fair Trade Day on 10 May 2014: Continued high demand for products, financing, and investments

  • The largest collective democratic act in human history

    06.05.2014 The largest collective democratic act in human history

  • Meet responsAbility at the world’s largest coffee event

    17.04.2014 The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA, www.scaa.org) will be holding the 6th Annual SCAA Symposium, in Seattle, Washington, on April 23-27, 2014.

  • After a second consecutive bumper harvest in 2013 had pushed coffee prices to their lowest point in more than seven years, prices are once again soaring.

    20.03.2014 After a second consecutive bumper harvest in 2013 had pushed coffee prices to their lowest point in more than seven years, prices are once again soaring.

  • In a historic breakthrough, the Tunisian interim parliament ratifies a new constitution, widely considered the most modern and progressive in the Arab world.

    26.02.2014 In a historic breakthrough, the Tunisian interim parliament ratifies a new constitution, widely considered the most modern and progressive in the Arab world.

  • 14.02.2014 Continued increase in cocoa prices, along with a predicted shortfall in production of 1m tons by 2020, lead to calls for further investment in smallholder producers in the developing world.

  • Coffee futures finished stronger on Wednesday as the market continues to rally. Drought-like conditions in Brazil – the world’s leading producer – are driving the increase

    06.02.2014 Coffee futures finished stronger on Wednesday as the market continues to rally. Drought-like conditions in Brazil – the world’s leading producer – are driving the increase

  • The Reserve Bank of India publishes an ambitious new vision to promote financial inclusion, proposing that every adult resident have a bank account by 1 January 2016

    31.01.2014 The Reserve Bank of India publishes an ambitious new vision to promote financial inclusion, proposing that every adult resident have a bank account by 1 January 2016

  • 22.01.2014 The Indian central bank is considering a comprehensive overhaul of its monetary policy framework with a move to formal inflation targeting. The plan has been well received by economists.

  • Peru’s fiscal surplus falls sharply in 2013, but firming tax revenues signal a rebound in business confidence in 2014

    20.01.2014 Peru’s fiscal surplus falls sharply in 2013, but firming tax revenues signal a rebound in business confidence in 2014

  • 15.01.2014 In the fourth quarter of 2013, Europe’s cocoa grindings rebounded to near-record levels, rising by 6.2% to 348,406 tonnes. Prices are expected to rise in the coming months as consumption outpaces production.

  • Rupee weakens on Fed taper fears, but domestic data provides comfort

    03.12.2013 The Indian rupee fell to 62.38 against the USD as strong US economic data renewed speculation that the Fed would soon start tapering its monetary stimulus. Yet while the rupee may drop further over the short term, a return to its June-August lows is unlikely.

  • 29.11.2013 Arabica coffee prices have slipped to four-year lows due to oversupply. While the low prices are hammering producer incomes, the surplus is expected to taper after 2014/15.

  • 29.11.2013 A good season of monsoon rains has boosted farm output in India, and the country is fast reducing its current account deficit while boosting its forex reserves.

  • 20.11.2013 Peru's economy is expected to grow 5.5 % in 2014, versus a regional average of 2.6%, driven by a rebound in exports led by new mining and infrastructure projects