Focus on Latin American innovation

Enrique Hurtado went to the Foromic conference in Buenos Aires to further responsAbility’s impact goals in Latin America, take the pulse of the region, and realize new opportunities. He delivered his thoughts on the experience in this short interview.


While taking part at Foromic, what were rA’s goals?

responsability attends Foromic to showcase our worldwide experience while revealing our regional focus, which makes us a relevant local partner in financial sector development. It is also a great opportunity to keep in touch with current clients and hear about their performance and their outlook for 2018. We can also identify new business opportunities in countries where we have low exposure. 

What are the hot topics and most debated issues at the conference?

Technological change (seeking efficiency in very competitive markets), innovation, financial inclusion and digital transformation.

What role can responsAbility play in answering/participating in the most pressing issues that are on people’s mind?

We can accompany MFI´s growth, be agile, flexible (currency, maturity, instrument, etc.) and offer competitive conditions. We have a global presence, we offer new ideas for counterparties in various settings and we are ready to share this experience with our clients. We aim for long-term relationships. 

Enrique Hurtado

What is your biggest take away from the conference?

Financial inclusion goes hand in hand with technological innovation (and higher efficiency) and FIs that assist their clients with technology, meaning better user experience, have more chances to succeed.

What are the challenges/ opportunities in the sector in your region over the next few years?

  1. Despite the progress in the last decade, financial inclusion and financial education remain as major challenges in several countries across the region.
  2. Strong FIs are also looking after diversified funding structures, but we are ready to step in and play a role there.
  3. Argentina, and to a lesser extent Brazil, could offer opportunities for growth for rA´s portfolio if the macro profile and economic recovery allows.