responsAbility is officially inaugurating its new Bangkok office. Located at Silom Road in Bangkok’s financial district Bangrak it is to serve as a hub for investment activities across the Asia Pacific region. Regional Director Maud Savary-Mornet explains why.


Maud, you're heading responsAbility’s operations in Asia Pacific. Today, you are officially inaugurating the new, larger Bangkok office. Why did you decide on an expansion?

responsAbility wants to be closely connected to the markets we serve. Having this office in Bangkok is an important element of this strategy. Bangkok is an important hub in the region. Having regional investment teams based in Bangkok gives us better access to our portfolio companies across the region: better communication, increased ease of visiting clients. At the same time, Bangkok is a fantastic hub to attract new talent from the region. We want to make the office a platform for our future development along with our existing platforms of Mumbai and Hong Kong

“Having regional investment teams based in Bangkok gives us better access to our portfolio companies.”

Maud Savary-Mornet, Regional Director Asia Pacific


How big is the Bangkok office at this point?

We currently have four investment experts based in Bangkok working with agricultural and financial institutions in debt and equity. These experts come from Thailand, Vietnam and Norway and are people with a lot of international exposure and experience gained in the financial sector. That's what Bangkok can offer as an office location.

“Bangkok is a fantastic hub to attract talent from the region.”

Maud Savary-Mornet

Maud 03

Within the responsAbility portfolio, Asia-Pacific is a very important region. How do you see this develop over the next years?

When I joined responsAbility ten years ago, Asia Pacific represented roughly 10% of the total net asset value under management. Today, its contribution amounts to 29% across all our business lines, financial institutions, sustainable agriculture and green lending This by itself says a lot about the potential of the region. We are particularly proud of our portfolio in green lending which represents 42% of the outstanding loans of responsAbility in this field. We now have 133 investees across 17 countries in Asia Pacific and I foresee continuous growth over the years to come. Forecasts are excellent, the economy is very sound, all markets are growing. With our improved infrastructure, we will make sure we capture these opportunities.

“Today, nearly 30% of responsAbility’s assets are invested in Asia Pacific.”

Maud Savary-Mornet


India is responsAbility’s biggest single investment market - what are the other key countries in the region?

India will remain an important area of development. In addition, responsAbility has been very present in Cambodia, particularly in the financial inclusion space, but increasingly also for green lending and energy efficiency. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have recently picked up and are playing an increasingly important role in our portfolio. Mongolia, too, will be growing over the next years as the economy further improves. And we have also some exposure in China, mainly served through our Hong Kong office.

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Maud Savary-Mornet

Regional Director Asia Pacific

Professional background

  • Studied Economics and Finance at Sciences Po (Paris)
  • 25 years of experience in banking regulation, emerging markets and development investments at the French central bank, European Commission and French Consulate in Hong Kong, including 12 years in Asia Pacific
  • Director of responsAbility offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok
  • Has published several articles on China, Hong Kong and microfinance
  • Has developed the portfolio of financial institutions debt in Asia Pacific for responsAbility over 10 years