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We are a sustainable investment house specializing in impact and we motivate investors to support projects that mitigate climate change daily. As a leader in climate finance, we pledge our commitment to carbon neutrality across our operations. Our annual carbon footprint report is produced by South Pole. Read our full GHG report

However, as an asset manager, the largest contributor to our carbon footprint are the indirect emissions of our investments. To reduce our footprint as much as possible we have developed processes and strategies over the past years to gain better insight in our portfolio’s carbon emissions.

How we offset our emissions

To offset unavoidable operational Greenhouse gas emission and to comply with our carbon neutrality pledge, responsAbility supports the Isangi REDD+ project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project helps protect the natural habitat of various endangered species and alleviates local poverty by promoting sustainable economic development in remote areas. More information on Isangi REDD+

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