Debt financing

Energy access companies in Africa and Asia Pacific

Financing solutions

  • Financing amounts between USD 500,000 and USD 4 million
  • Debt financing with maturities between 6 and 36 months
  • Interest rates in line with market rates and risk profile
  • Disbursements and repayments structured according to cash-flow projections
  • Funding in USD, EUR or selected local currencies
  • Other structuring features possible
  • Access to a Technical Assistance Facility


Investment criteria

  • Commercially viable business models within the energy access value chain (energy efficiency or renewable energy)
  • A clear commitment to environmentally and socially responsible operations
  • At least USD 1 million in total sales within the last 12 months
  • A business track record of at least two years
  • A business plan containing projections
  • Ability to provide key monthly business information and annual financials
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