• Invests in the global micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) finance sector
  • Aims to close funding gaps for local MSME financial institutions
  • Provides investments in short- to medium-term fixed- and variable interest debt securities
  • Allocates up to 25% of its assets to equity investments in MSME financial institutions
  • Creates additional return potential and enhances diversification


  • Qualified investors with a medium- to long-term investment horizon
  • Investors seeking attractive opportunities for portfolio diversification and a return potential enhanced by private equity*
  • Investors looking to improve the economic prospects of microentrepreneurs and low-income households as well as small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Investors seeking a fund with low correlation to traditional asset classes


Performance of class I (net) as of 31.12.2019 USD
Monthly return 0.77%
Return YTD 5.23%
1 year 5.23%
3 years 14.34%
5 years 20.19%
Return since inception 40.53%

*Target return is not a projection, prediction or guarantee of future performance, and there is no certainty that the target return will be reached.

Past Performance is no guarantee or indication of current or future performance. These performance data are calculated net of all fees and commissions and do not include the commissions and costs incurred an the issue and redemption of units.

Every investment involves risk, especially with regard to fluctuations in value and return. It should be noted that historical returns and financial market scenarios are no guarantee of future performance.