A Brighter Tomorrow: A Global Commitment to Sustainability and Equity

January 20242 min readClimate FinanceEmerging Markets, Energy, ESG, Impact

The International Day of Clean Energy, observed annually on January 26th, was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2023 to emphasize the importance of clean energy solutions for sustainable development globally and to promote energy equity and environmental conservation.

Clean energy is fundamental to the prosperity of communities across the globe, particularly for those deprived of consistent access to electricity. According to the UN, an estimated 675 million people, largely in Sub-Saharan Africa, presently endure life without electric power, which severely hampers their educational, healthcare, and economic pursuits. Transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power is vital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental sustainability.

Despite progress, challenges remain in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which aims for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030.

ResponsAbility Investments AG reiterates its commitment to the clean energy transition, underscoring the collective duty to combat climate change, empower communities, and drive sustainable development worldwide. Our achievements to date show lead us ahead – through our access to clean power strategy we have empowered 138 million individuals and 1,397 companies with clean energy access, generating 1,204 MW of renewable energy and averting 32 million tonnes of CO2 emissions — equivalent to the yearly output of 1.43 million automobiles or the carbon sequestration potential of 533 million trees.

However, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that $30 billion in annual investment is needed to achieve universal energy access by 2030, particularly focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. Hence companies involved in solar home systems and the commercial & industrial sectors (C&I) are at the forefront of effecting tangible change and a key focus of responsAbility’s investment strategies in climate finance.

The International Day of Clean Energy serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to drive towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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