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Transition to Net Zero: the Role of Capital

Revolutions throughout history have been costly in many ways: in terms of human life, in terms of cultural heritage, in terms of land, in terms of capital.

The net zero revolution is different

It will take a lot of capital and effort to change. But it will save human life by keeping the world to under 2˚C by 2050. It will save cultural heritage and land by preventing mass migration due to droughts and famine. In terms of capital, it requires investment. But this is not money that is burned up in fighting like in traditional revolutions. This is money that will drive the transition and will be invested in the companies that will thrive in a net zero economy.

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  • Learn how to increase your capital allocation to companies that are driving the transition to net zero

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  • Find out how the public disclosure of climate-related data makes net zero investing possible

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