• Private debt financing with a focus on sustainable, successful and high potential agriculture value chain actors that stimulate local, regional and international trade
  • Strong diversification across geographies, segments and agriculture products
  • Strict selection criteria, together with rigorous environmental, social and governance risk (ESG) process to identify robust counterparties. Enhanced collateral structures implemented to mitigate risk.
  • Maturities: debt securities with fixed or variable rates, financing short-term export solutions and working capital or mid-term plant and equipment.


  • Investors with medium- to long-term investment horizon
  • Investors wanting to improve the economic prospects of participants in the agricultural value chain and rural populations
  • Investors seeking financial returns in developing and emerging economies
  • Investors looking for a diversified portfolio outside of traditional asset classes


Net performance with a 1.9% TER* as of 29.01.2021 USD
Monthly return 0.03%
Return YTD 0.03%
Annualized return since inception 2.82%

*Past Performance is not a guarantee or indicator of current or future performance. This performance data is calculated net of all fees and commissions but it does not take into account the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of units.