Impact investing

Size matters! Taking impact investing to scale

USD 10 bn disbursed for the billions: Our team explains why responsAbility is delighted to celebrate this milestone in the company’s history.

Carolina de Azevedo

“To disburse USD 10 bn in impact investing is an enormous success that wouldn’t have been possible without all of our partners and investors – public and private – who are constantly pushing us to go the extra mile in measuring impact while delivering market-based returns. It wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t constantly asked ourselves which sectors to finance and which innovative financing structures to use. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the 250-strong responsAbility team who are making it all happen. USD 10 billion disbursed, and we’re right on track for the next USD 10 billion!”


Carolina de Azevedo, Senior Manager for Business Development, has been instrumental in mobilizing public and private investors to support responsAbility in launching innovative new financing structures designed to combat climate change and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Most recently, she was heavily involved in developing one of the market’s most successful blended finance vehicles, a USD 200 m climate debt fund targeting access to clean power.

Antoine Prédour

“Completely new to the climate finance space only six years ago, responsAbility today is firmly established as a climate finance specialist for emerging economies with specialized staff, a significant climate portfolio and a clearly documented track record of creating impact for the benefit of the planet. Climate finance is one solution to stop carbon emissions in developing countries to increase even further and responsAbility wants to play an important role in this fight.”


Antoine Prédour heads responsAbility’s Climate Finance Initiatives and has been instrumental in taking assets under management in this sector from 0 in 2012 to USD 929 m at the end of 2019. With his team and a series of high-profile public and private investors he just launched the latest addition to the responsAbility fund portfolio, a USD 200 m climate debt fund targeting access to clean power.

Expanding the impact investment universe

“What’s so special about responsAbility’s investment approach is that we combine investments with advisory, particularly for nascent markets and untested business models. By helping high-impact companies and business models to grow, we actively increase the impact investment universe in emerging economies. I am particularly excited about the work we have been doing to mainstream best ESG practices across our entire portfolio.”


Eva Tschannen, Head of Technical Assistance, heads a team of experts that manage five independent Technical Assistance facilities designed to enable and enhance sustainable growth of high-impact companies.

Size matters

“When it comes to impact investing, scale may not be everything, but it certainly matters. Our investments directly contribute to protect our climate, secure food and promote financial inclusion, in short: a better life for millions of people. When we started out, our ambition was to raise USD 1 bn for impact investing in emerging economies – a billion for the billions. 16 years down the line, we stand at USD 10 bn disbursed and the journey continues!”


Rochus Mommartz, CEO, has shaped responsAbility’s investment activities and strategy since the company’s inception in 2003 – as a consultant for microfinance investments, a member of the Executive Management and, since 2016, as CEO. He was instrumental in setting up responsAbility’s private equity business and in developing the company’s current focus on six business lines across three investment themes – FINANCIAL INCLUSION, CLIMATE FINANCE and SUSTAINABLE FOOD – and two asset classes – PRIVATE DEBT and PRIVATE EQUITY.