Impact for Generation 2030

Investing now for a sustainable future

Where we are going:Generation 2030 or
the Sustainable Generation

2020 is a tipping point. Not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic, hashtag revolutions and the specter of climate change, but also due to a raft of demographic and technological changes in developing markets that will reshape the world in the next decade. While the West ages, a surge of young people will be hitting the workforce in the developing world. These youths will be educated to a degree unprecedented in the history of their countries, especially young women. They will also be filling the world’s urban centers, part of a shift from the countryside that has accelerated exponentially since the last century.

At the same time, the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), created by the United Nations, have a target date of 2030. Moreover, we need to halve greenhouse gas emissions by this point to avoid a 2ºC increase in global temperatures, resulting in a climate catastrophe. So, there are only ten years left to ensure that this planet is a place we are proud to let “Generation 2030” inherit.

Therefore, in this publication we have decided to focus on three macro-topics, which will have an immense impact on our ability to create a sustainable future:

Paul Hailey, Head of Impact
Paul Hailey,
Head of Impact

Where we came from...Generation 2030 as
the sustainable Generation

Every generation is known for something. With the UN's Sustainable Development Goals targeting 2030, what action needs to happen over the next 10 years to ensure that Generation 2030 lives on our planet more sustainably than previous generations?

timeline_desktop.inlineSilentGenerationLabelled "silent" because this group was a rule-following bunch who didn't want to make waves.BabyBoomersBorn during the economic boom after WWII, this group was full of "flower power" and rock-n-roll.Generation XExperiencing the fall of the BerlinWall, the dawn of MTV, and the AIDSepidemic, this rebellious bunch wasimpossible to define.MillennialsThis generation experienced the rise of the internet and have been lauded as "digital natives" by some and overly technology-dependent by others.Generation ZAs the first generation born with the internet, this group is seen as the most individualistic but has also been labeled as the iGeneration.Generation 2030Will we be able to call this bunch "The Sustainable Generation"?1900-2030Rise in urbanisation: 1900 – 16% (271 million people)1975 – 38% (1.5 billion people)2030 – 60% (5.2 billion people)1910-2017Global annual CO2 emissions: 1910 – 3 billion tonnes 1950 – 6 billion tonnes2017 – 36 billion tonnes1956-6636 African countries obtain independence over ten years.2010-2030Decline in cost of solar power:2010 – USD 4,621 / kW2015 – USD 1,801 / kW2030 – USD 340-834 / kW1918From 1918 to 1920, the Spanish Flu pandemic killed over 17 million people.1920Passage of the 19th amendment gives women in US the right to vote.1950Experiments in Mexico lead to surge in food productivity