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The financial sector in emerging markets provides attractive growth opportunities, including a USD 2.6 trillion micro, small and medium sized enterprises financing gap and 2 billion adults without a bank account. 


responsAbility Financial Institutions Equity on behalf of the investment vehicles manages long-term private equity positions in financial intermediaries based in fast-growing developing countries. This facilitates broad-based economic development through a growing and inclusive financial sector. 

responsAbility Financial Institutions Private Equity provides growth capital via primary and secondary investments, ranging from USD 5 to 25 million, in emerging markets financial institutions with a long-term hold strategy.

Investments are diversified globally and across the broad spectrum of financial institutions.

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reponsAbility Investments AG is not an investor and does neither provide direct nor indirect financing. The mentioned investments in the specific markets, countries, companies, institutions, instruments, or sectors are exclusively transacted by the investment vehicles managed or advised by responsAbility Investments AG.