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Facilitating impact and innovation through advisory services

What is Technical Assistance?

In order to enhance the development impacts of our investments, responsAbility has been managing advisory services since 2009. And in 2014, responsAbility established a dedicated non-profit unit composed of project management professionals. This team is in charge of developing tailored advisory support, identifying and selecting specialized experts and managing project implementation, all in close collaboration with the investment teams. Advisory support can be provided to build the capacity required to bridge knowledge gaps, ensure adherence with sectors’ best practices and principles, capture market potential, reduce risks, and support the funds in fulfilling their role as market enablers and as establishers of sustainable business models. This advisory support is key to the success and growth of responsAbility-managed investments.



Number of Technical Assistance facilities managed as of Dec 2020

Donor Funding

25 million

Entrusted donor capital since inception (USD)

Projects managed


Number of projects managed since inception

Why engage responsAbility's Technical Assistance team?

Combining access to know-how with access to finance

"responsAbility utilizes grants to enable companies to test new business models and prepare investment readiness. As a donor to the Technical Assistance Facility, we gain closer access to the market and can support the market more proactively."

Good Energies - Stephanie Jones

Markus Ganterer

Tailored support

"Thanks to the innovative advisory we benefit from, we are are able to access new markets and grow our business. This strengthens our resilience and positioning."   

Constant Energy - Markus Ganterer

Supporting sustainable business practices

"In my function as Board chair of a responsAbility managed Climate Fund, I clearly see the difference that specialized advisory makes for the Fund as well as the institutions the Fund invests in. The team continues to find new and additional ways to create impact."

Chair - Carolin Gassner

women in Latin America talking outside with masks during Covid-19

Making a difference

"Thanks to the support received from responsAbility, we were able to provide our employees and members with protective equipment, and to hire a health staff to monitor our workers’ and members’ health, especially those in a situation of greater vulnerability."

APROCASSI - Cooperative

Watch how Technical Assistance helps improve sector practices

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Meet our Head of Technical Assistance

Eva Tschannen

"Combining access to finance with access to specialized advisory support, responsAbility enables companies to go the extra mile, thereby leveraging development impacts and reducing risks.”

Eva Tschannen, Head of Technical Assistance Link to full bio

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