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Financial Inclusion

What is Financial Inclusion?

Financial Inclusion aims to make financial services available to a vast number of people in developing countries who currently lack access to banking. Additionally, many micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in these regions are believed to be underserved, resulting in a significant yearly financing shortfall. Investments in this area not only provide essential capital but also bring about positive secondary effects such as local job creation, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, and improvements in education, health, and sanitation.

Microfinance involves offering loans to self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, primarily women, who are engaged in various small-scale commercial activities such as running retail stores, producing handcrafted items, or working as street vendors, farmers, food processors, or traders.

SME Finance is focused on providing loans to small and medium enterprises. This financing supports a diverse array of services and sectors including agricultural, small-scale industrial, and manufacturing ventures, addressing the needs of what is often called "the missing middle."

Why invest in Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets?

Funding Demand (USD)

5.2 trillion

IFC estimates that 65 million Micro & SME businesses are in need of USD 5.2 trillion of funding every year.

Filling the gap

1.4 billion

High demand for financial services. 1.4 billion adults remain without access to financial services today.

Empowering progress


Financial inclusion has been identified as an important enabler for 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Financial Inclusion in the News

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Our Financial Inclusion Team

Private Debt

Jaskirat Chadha

Head of Financial Inclusion Debt Link to full profile

Benoit Bouet

Head of Financial Institutions Debt ECA MENA Link to full profile

Sharad Venugopal

Head of Financial Institutions Debt Asia Pacific Link to full profile

Michael Fabbroni

Michael Fabbroni

Head of Financial Institutions Debt Africa & Country Director Kenya Link to full profile

Enrique Hurtado

Head of Financial Institutions Debt LATAM Link to full profile

Private Equity

Volodymyr Tsapko

Volodymyr Tsapko

Head of Financial Inclusion Equity Link to full profile

Dmytro Koba

Principal, Financial Inclusion Private Equity Linkedin

Henning Haugerudbraten

Henning Haugerudbraten

Principal / Country Director Thailand Link to full profile

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