Biodiversity: Sustainable tea growing practices at Amazon Trading

May 20242 min readSustainable FoodEmerging Markets, Agriculture, ESG, Impact

The global food system is one of the main causes of biodiversity loss.1 Amazon Trading is among the businesses that responsAbility finances to have an impact along the full value chain. The Sri Lankan company procures, processes, packages, markets and exports various tea blends under the brand name ‘English Tea Shop’ It purchases most of its tea from over 3000 smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka. 100% of Amazon Trading`s products are organic certified, and its key blends are also Fairtrade certified and sold in over 50 countries.

The company shows how tea farming can be practiced in a sustainable way. It aims at maximizing its produce without the use of chemical fertilizers. This maintains healthy soils and a livable habitat for pollinators and other insects like bees. Amazon Trading`s teas contribute to the well-being of everyone – the producing farmers, the consumers and the environment

This example is #PartofthePlan, the motto of the International Day of Biodiversity 2024. With Amazon Trading, among others, we want to make our contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. With a growing global population, current ways of doing business in food and agriculture need to be transformed. We need to produce healthier food while also treating the environment in a more sustainable way. Overall, responsAbility’s climate-smart agriculture and food systems strategy aims at providing long-term financing to innovative agribusinesses in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. It follows three key impact strategies, based on the sustainable development goals:

Encourage and support practices that reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the food system;

Develop more efficient use of land and inputs, reducing waste, improving water use, and increasing soil health:

Foster climate resilience and implement adaptation actions to respond better to climate variability and change.