Managing the situation with existing clients

April 20203 min readFinancial Inclusion

Tbilisi-based Mariam Nozadze is an analyst for our portfolio of financial institutions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. With Covid-19, she is replacing her daily commute to work with exercise.

How is Covid-19 impacting your work?

I am an analyst for with the private debt team, working with financial institutions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Apart from the home office situation, the biggest impact of Covid-19 is that normally, part of my work consists of analyzing potential new business. With Covid-19, I am exclusively focusing on monitoring existing business. As for my daily work, processes are made easy by responsAbility’s flexible organization, our supportive IT-team and reliable tools.

How is the situation developing in your geographies?

At this point I feel that the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t fully arrived in Central Asia. The situation is still quite different from the one we are facing in Europe. Here, financial institutions are in full emergency planning mode, and we are in very close contact to stay on top of developments. Obviously, their major worry is the uncertainty as to how long lockdown measures will need to stay in place. If we are talking three months, the general feeling is that this will be ok. Beyond that, things look more threatening. 

“Obviously, the major worry is the uncertainty as to how long lockdown measures will need to stay in place.”

Mariam Nozadze

How is responsAbility adapting to the situation?

Generally, we are very cautious with disbursements at this point. In Georgia, for instance, which is one of our most important markets in the region, banks have strong support from the National Bank, and we are careful to maintain liquidity levels in our funds. We do step in with renewals in case of emergencies, though, and also look at restructuring loans to support portfolio companies where needed.

How do you keep up the communication flow within the team?

I feel quite well connected, really. We have daily calls with the Tbilisi-based team and I talk to my line manager who is based in Paris at least three times a week. In addition, the Business Line Heads are reaching out to us on a regular basis, keeping us informed on our company strategy and latest developments. Overall, I feel that this is being managed very proactively – and this gives me a lot of hope that we will be able to cope with the situation, whatever happens next.

You sound very positive. What is your recipe to keep up your spirits?

I am replacing my morning commute with morning exercise and that fills me with energy. I also try to stay positive and focus on the opportunity this situation offers: to appreciate little things that tend to get forgotten in our hectic everyday life or that we simply take for granted. Spending a lot more time with my 2-year old daughter is part of that.