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December 20182 min readFinancial Inclusion, Sustainable Food, Climate FinanceImpact, ESG

We believe that transparency is key when it comes to investments. This is why we measure the development impact of everything we do – as a company, for each investment sector and investment vehicle as well as for every portfolio company. IMPACT highlights some of the results.

Why we report on impact

Listen to responsAbility CEO Rochus Mommartz and Paul Hailey, Head of Impact, explain about why we think it’s worth to go the extra mile and gather a really unique set of data.

Since inception, impact has not only been at the core of everything responsAbility does, it accounts for literally 100% of our investment activities.

That means that each and every one of our portfolio companies provides a positive impact for low-income households, SMEs and the broader community in developing countries.

These same investments also directly and indirectly benefit the staff and clients of SME banks, smallholder cooperatives, microfinance institutions, solar home system providers, developers of hydropower plants and countless other inclusive businesses.

Showing investors how their funds improves lives requires a systematic approach. As we refine how we measure impact, we are increasingly excited to reveal in numbers what we have inherently known all along.



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“By serving 1,000 microfinance customers you provide 1,000 people with access to the financial system. That’s the impact.”

Muhammad Yunus

Why responsAbility is all about impact IMPACT AND ESG