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Targeting the Bare Necessities

January 20191 min readFinancial InclusionMicrofinance, Gender equality

Why do 71 million people pay for services from our portfolio companies?

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The fulfilment of basic needs – including energy, health, education or finance – is one of the most fundamental aims of development. Redressing this gap lies at the core of the 17 SDGs. To this day, the ability of low-income populations in the developing world to access key services remains extremely limited. 

This challenge will only be overcome through business models which manage to provide basic services at affordable prices as well as at scale. As low-income households typically have very limited resources to spend, they carefully evaluate which service or product justifies the expense. Only companies that correctly target these clients’ demands can be financially sustainable.

The broad range of services and products provided by responsAbility portfolio companies is offered on an entirely commercial basis. The fact that these companies are financially successful testifies to their ability to develop and operate sustainable business models that cater to the needs and aspirations of millions of low-income households.

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