WEBINAR: Bringing you up to speed on SFDR and the EU Taxonomy

June 20211 min readFinancial Inclusion, Sustainable Food, Climate FinanceImpact

The EU Taxonomy and the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) are two parts of the EU action plan on financing sustainable growth. They have a common goal but are in fact two different regulations, which sometimes can lead to confusion. Plus, the repercussions of what these regulations mean for the financial industry as a whole and how they contribute to the fight against greenwashing are just beginning to come to light.

You will learn:

  • What do the new regulations and classifications (i.e. "dark green/article 9) mean for investors?

  • What is the difference between the two regulations?

  • What happened in the past few months and what you need to consider now?

Webinar speakers:

  • Host: Samuel Baumgartner, passionate about investing with purpose

  • Guest speaker: Mette Kjaer, ESG Analyst