WEBINAR: Forerunners in Sustainable Investments: What we can learn from Scandinavian Investors

September 20211 min readImpact

Sustainable Investing is high on the agenda of most investors. Scandinavian investors - public, private and institutional - seem to lead the charge both in terms of relative volume and being early to commit to new products, be it general ESG strategies, green bonds or sustainable investments in emerging markets. Get first-hand insights and trends from our Head of responsAbility Nordics.

You will learn:

  • Why have the Nordics come so far in this field?

  • What can other countries and investors learn from the Nordics here, both in terms of successes and failures?

  • Can the Nordics stay in the lead or are others catching up?

Webinar speakers:

  • Host: Samuel Baumgartner, passionate about investing with purpose

  • Guest speaker: Balder Vestad, Head of responsAbility Nordics