WEBINAR: Gender smart investing - the benefits for investors and how it works

March 20231 min readFinancial InclusionImpact, Emerging Markets, Gender equality

On the occasion of the international women's day, we will take a closer look at the economics of gender smart investing and why it should be on top of an investor's agenda. Promoting gender equality is a core pillar of sustainable economic growth and represents a largely untapped opportunity for investors. Together with our gender equality advocate we will debunk some of the biggest myths and show how the gender gap can be closed using investments as an effective tool. You will learn: - What is the opportunity for investors? - What can gender smart investing and financial inclusion do for women - and all of us? - The evolution of gender smart investing Find out more and join: Your host Samuel Baumgartner passionate about investing with purpose Guest speaker Corianne van Veen Senior ESG & Impact Officer, responsAbility