WEBINAR: The Importance of a Just Transition to Net Zero Emissions

September 20231 min readClimate FinanceImpact, Emerging Markets

What is needed to green the economy in a fair and inclusive way to everyone? Historically, developed countries, driven by the pursuit of progress and economic prosperity, have contributed the most to global emissions. The legacy of their carbon-intensive development has resulted in an imbalance that perpetuates climate injustice. In this webinar, we will have a closer look at factors that have driven emissions, the complexity of assigning contribution to specific countries and the intrinsic linkage between poverty and climate crisis reflected under the umbrella of a just transition. You will learn about: - The historical contribution of countries to global cumulative greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions - The disparities of production-based and consumption-based emissions - The correlation between poverty and the climate crisis Find out more and join: Your host Samuel Baumgartner passionate about investing with purpose Guest speaker Duška Šaša Senior Climate Impact Consultant