WEBINAR: The investor’s guide to impact – a science-based view

October 20211 min readImpact

Investors can play a crucial role in helping to solve the global challenges we are facing. However, to fully unlock this potential it needs to be clear how real change can be driven. Meet Florian Heeb, co-author of “The investor’s guide to impact”, published by University of Zurich, Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth. He will share his evidence-based findings for investors who want to change the world.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the sustainability approach to safeguard your assets

  • The difference between investor impact and company impact 

  • What is more impactful: investing in a “green” company or a “brown” company? 

Webinar speakers:

  • Webinar host: Samuel Baumgartner, Business Relationship Manager at responsAbility

  • Guest speaker: Florian Heeb, Researcher, Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth, University of Zurich.