responsAbility reaches milestone disbursements in impact investing in emerging economies

USD 10 billion for the billions

December 20192 min read

Zurich, 9. December 2019 — Swiss impact asset manager responsAbility Investments has reached a milestone by taking impact investing in emerging economies to scale. Since its inception in 2003, funds managed by the company have disbursed a total of USD 10 bn in private debt and private equity to 800 high-impact and fully ESG-compliant companies in over 100 emerging economies, affecting 400 m people’s lives and directly supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

responsAbility started out as a private initiative funded by diverse players from the Swiss financial sector. The first product launched, in 2003, was a microfinance fund open to retail investors which has since grown to some USD 800 m and evolved to incorporate the entire financial inclusion theme. responsAbility’s product portfolio has since expanded to a total of 15 different products in the areas of climate finance, sustainable food and financial inclusion and offering both private debt and private equity to high-impact, fully ESG-compliant companies across the developing world.

responsAbility’s financing activities across three sectors on average result in yearly disbursements of USD 1 bn via 330 transactions. Total disbursements by all funds since the company’s inception have now reached USD 10 bn, an important milestone both in the company history and for the impact investing sector which has only recently begun to grow to significant scale.

“When it comes to impact investing, scale may not be everything, but it certainly matters”, said responsAbility CEO Rochus Mommartz. “Our investments directly contribute to protect our climate, secure food and promote financial inclusion, in short: a better life for millions of people. When we started out, our ambition was to raise USD 1 bn for impact investing in emerging economies – a billion for the billions. 16 years down the line, we stand at USD 10 bn disbursed and the journey continues!”

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A leading asset manager for impact investments in emerging economies with a 16-year track record, responsAbility manages USD 3 bn of assets invested in 450 companies with inclusive business models across 90 countries. Since the company's inception in 2003, responsAbility-managed funds have disbursed USD 1 bn in financing to companies whose business models directly support the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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