Solar TV raises off-grid political engagement in Kenya

New solar television owners in Kenya feel a new level of political awareness, confidence and social inclusion, according to a report on the role of solar TV in the off-grid economy by M-KOPA, one of the leading providers of affordable energy solutions for off-grid customers in Kenya.

While millions of Kenyans are still off-grid, the growth of solar television and smartphones will see many of them gaining access to almost all the information channels that their civic leaders use, which will drive civic engagement. By the end of 2017, M-KOPA alone will be providing information access to over a million people through its smartphones and televisions. To date, the company has connected over 500,000 homes in East Africa to affordable, safe and clean energy. Its customers access lighting, phone charging, radio and TV on daily mobile money payment plans that are less than the average cost of kerosene.

A responsAbility-managed fund is invested in M-KOPA.

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M-KOPA, Kenya