Successful energy financing through responsAbility Investments

Climate fund investments reduce CO2 emissions through 48,000 energy loans


The responsAbility-managed energy fund focused on climate investments in developing countries more than doubled its climate impact in 2016. Alongside monetary benefits, the energy projects financed until the end of 2016 help to reduce CO2 emissions by 8.6 million tonnes over the lifecycle of the installed plants and equipment, double the amount recorded in 2015. At the same time, the funded projects generated more than three times as much renewable energy as in 2015.

The climate fund, which was launched in 2009, invests in 18 developing countries, mostly by partnering with local financial institutions. The latter use the funding to offer their clients energy loans, for example to modernise vehicle fleets by adding hybrid vehicles or to install energy-efficient heating or cooling systems. In addition, the fund finances major projects such as solar power plants directly.

In the financial year 2016, the fund’s 19 partner financial institutions handed out 14,000 green loans, 42% more than in 2015. 

From the fund’s launch to the end of 2016, 48,000 energy loans totalling USD 333 million have resulted in CO2 emission reductions of 8.6 million tonnes over the lifecycle of the installed plants and equipment, the equivalent of the annual emissions of 1.8 million cars. 

Renewable energy projects financed through the fund at the end of 2016 were generating 
630,000 MWh of electricity per year, more than triple the amount recorded in 2015. 

According to Antoine Prédour, Head of Energy Debt Financing at responsAbility, the increase in energy loans would not have been possible without the close cooperation with financial institutions in developing countries. “As the cost of alternative sources of energy declines, climate financing is also becoming more attractive in developing countries. However, awareness of the opportunities is frequently still very limited. We closely support our partner institutions and help them to develop green lending products that are very well-received in their markets.“

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