Debt financing

Financial institutions

Financial institutions active in financing energy efficiency or renewable energy projects

Financing solutions

  • Financing between USD 5 million and USD 30 million
  • Mainly senior unsecured debt, though subordinated and even risk-sharing facilities are available
  • Maturities between 5 and 7 years; in selected cases, longer maturities are feasible (in line with underlying financed projects)
  • Technical support on product design, marketing, and/or impact reporting


Investment criteria

  • Compliance with the above-mentioned general investment criteria for financial institutions
  • Financing of energy efficiency or renewable energy projects as an integral part of the business plan (ideally with a track record in lending in this segment)
  • Existing social and environmental risk management system or willingness to implement such a system
  • Internal ability to report on energy savings of financed projects, or willingness to build such ability
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