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What is Sustainable Food?

Sustainable food certainly means investing in organic and fair-trade food production. But it also means ensuring that smallholder farmers are treated fairly, that the agricultural value chain is optimized and efficient, therefore reducing waste, and that climate-smart practices are made commonplace in order to sustainably feed an ever-growing population.

Smallholder Farmers make up roughly 1/3 of the work force in emerging markets. Investing in companies that value them, support their education, enable them with technology and pay them appropriately is essential to global food production.

Processing & Distribution includes essential value chain players, from logistics to export to the retail market. Most food is not produced where it is consumed, so investing to make sure these players are sustainable is crucial for food supply and for the climate.

Organic Production and Fair-Trade Certifications means healthier food and more money in the hands of the farmers, but it also means investing in sustainable farming methods to meet the demands of over 9 billion people in 2050 while maintaining a healthy planet.

Climate-Smart Agriculture is a must, as 20-30% of global GHG emissions are from food and agriculture globally. From drip-irrigation to high-tech weather-monitoring and harvesting, now is the time to invest in climate-smart technology.

Agriculture Value Chain investments include companies who provide credit to farmers and small and medium-sized companies across the value chain, organic supply chain management companies, farm-to-table food companies and much more.

Why invest in sustainable food?

Demand increase

by 70%

By 2050, food production needs to increase by 70% to feed an estimated 9 billion people

Climate Change


Food systems are responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, which need to be reduced by transforming food systems.

Funding Gap (USD)

350 billion

Transforming food systems sustainably will require $350 billion in annual investment by 2030.

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