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Climate finance @responsAbility: a record-breaking 2018

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With CO2 savings being THE key performance indicator for responsAbility’s climate portfolio, a 27% increase compared to 2017 makes 2018 a very successful year. But there is more. Let’s talk about:


We finance with a purpose: mitigating climate change. Since its inception in 2009, our investments have saved 12.8 million t of CO2 emissions, more than the annual emissions of a country like Georgia.


The climate fund has well outgrown its infancy. With an invested portfolio of over USD 500 million and investors’ commitments of USD 667 million, we are now scaling our innovative approach. 


The climate partnership network is a force to reckon with. Together, 34 partner banks in 25 emerging economies have disbursed USD 599 million through more than 74,200 sub-loans.

Know-how transfer

Building climate financing capacity is what truly sets us apart from other players. With USD 4.2 million of funds approved and 52 new projects initiated, 2018 once again beat all records.

Climate finance @responsAbility: Top countries

  • India USD 52

  • Bangladesh USD 50

  • Sri Lanka USD 37

  • Panama USD 36

  • Ecuador USD 35

  • Ukraine USD 30

  • Turkey USD 30

  • Georgia USD 30

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