WEBINAR: Straight Talk: Behind the Scenes of Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets

September 20211 min readRisk, Emerging Markets

Meet Richard Marney and Tim Stubbs, the authors of the newly published "Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets". They are here to share their on-the-ground experience that will equip financial- and legal-sector professionals with a grasp of deal process, transaction elements, and stakeholder relationship management lessons. Together with Oleg Ivaniychuk, they will demystify the path to successful restructuring in this webinar. Join the conversation for some first-hand best practices from the field, practical insights and key lessons.

You will learn:

  • Background causes to restructurings

  • The five restructuring phases

  • The role of process and stakeholder-management

  • Key considerations when starting a restructuring career

Webinar speakers:

  • Webinar host: Stacy Fiehler, Head of Marketing and Communications at responsAbility

  • Guest speaker: Richard Marney, Senior Advisor for Risk Management at responsAbility

  • Guest speaker: Tim Stubbs, Partner at Dentons

  • Guest speaker: Oleg Ivaniychuk, Head of Restructuring at responsAbility