The investment opportunity

ATTRACTIVE GROWTH: Financing sustainable food

To meet global demand, agricultural production will need to double by 2050, requiring investments of USD 267 billion per year to remain on course (source: UN Food & Agriculture Organization). As governments have continued to underinvest in the sector, a large gap has been created for private agriculture investments.

INNOVATIVE AND INCLUSIVE: Agribusiness investments

Agriculture investments support firms with innovative and inclusive business models that improve the quality and consistency of produce while securing higher prices, creating a win-win for both investors and farmers. And as food demand and average quality of life continue to increase, enhancements in infrastructure and processes is imperative.

GREATER EFFICIENCY: Agricultural value chain investments

From smallholder farmer training to increase productivity and quality, to rapid fund delivery which secures supply and promotes a faster cash conversion cycle, to ensuring that the majority of the harvest reaches consumers intact – efficiency is key. It generates suitable incomes, promotes sustainable operations and allows for healthy growth.  


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