Climate finance

The investment opportunity

ATTRACTIVE GROWTH: Renewable energy investments

By 2040, energy demand in emerging markets is set to grow by 50%, according to the International Energy Agency, with renewable energy accounting for the majority of new power generation facilities. The annual investments in new renewable energy projects are already expected to average USD 11 billion by 2020, within non-OECD member countries.

INNOVATIVE AND INCLUSIVE: Developing clean energy

Ever improving technology and innovative cost solutions, such as solar home systems and pay-as-you-go models, are helping to create reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions for consumers to overcome the critical consumer financing hurdle.

GREATER EFFICIENCY: Green investments for more impact

Due to the higher energy intensity of developing economies, efficiency gains offer an economically attractive answer to energy security and climate concerns. Capturing these energy efficiency opportunities will require investments of around USD 170 billion a year over the next several decades.

Development impact

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