Executive Management

Senior Management


Andrea Alvarado de Cuèllar

Head of Transactions

"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time ~Ruth Bader Ginsburg"

Benoit Bouet

Regional Head Financial Inclusion Debt ECA MENA

"In impact finance we provide unprecedented opportunities and provide them at scale."

Jesus Castell

Head of Legal Investments & Restructuring

"We must mobilize private sector capital to achieve the SDGs."

Jaskirat Chadha

Head of Financial Inclusion Debt

"You can only open doors if you listen to what doors need to be opened."

Sathish Dhanapal

Head of Climate Advisory Specialists

"The current pace of Climate investments is not sufficient for meeting the 1.5 degree pathway. "

Akshay Dua

Head of Sustainable Food Private Equity APAC

"Money has power, power to do good."

Michael Fabbroni

Head of Financial Institutions Debt Africa & Country Director Kenya

"Financial Inclusion isn't just about money, it's about broader opportunities."

Pius Fischer

Head of Risk Management

"Everyone's contribution counts. Saving the planet starts with yourself: at home, at work and when you are on holidays/travelling."

Hanna Flury

Impact & ESG Officer

"There is an entrepreneur inside of everyone, if you just give them the chance."

David Diaz Formidoni

Head of Financial Institutions Investments, Climate Finance

"Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there."

Severin Fries

Head of Finance & Operations Fund of Funds

"Without environmental sustainability, economic stability cannot be achieved."

Carmen Gartmann

Head of Accounting

"Eat right. Invest right. The planet will thank you."

Eva-Maria Greiner

Head of Corporate Legal

"The world is changing. Let's lead the shift towards sustainable finance."

Paul Hailey

Head of Impact & ESG

"Development means addressing inequality in all its forms."

Henning Haugerudbraten

Principal, Financial Inclusion Private Equity and Country Manager Thailand

"Banks are still at the nascent stage of the data and digital revolution."

Enrique Hurtado

Head of Financial Institutions Debt LATAM and Country Director, Peru

"ESG makes for better business, better investments and a better world."

Stefan Issler

Head of Direct Investments, Climate Finance

"Every tonne of CO2 counts."

Oleg Ivaniychuk

Head of Restructuring

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. ~Maya Angelou"

Ralph Keitel

Head of Fund of Funds

"Investing in Emerging Markets creates jobs and thus opportunities for poor people to escape poverty."

Vivian Kotun

Head of Business Development Climate Finance

"Financial innovation transforming our world."

Thomas Müller

Co-Head of Products and Structuring

"Let's not wait for the next generation to invest our money with a purpose."

Henk Nijland

Head Business Development DFIs and Public Investors

"Sound impact and good returns go hand-in-hand. I have experienced it. There is no trade-off! "

Stefan Portmann

Head of Technology

"All companies should report their ROP (Return on Planet)."

Richard Rogers

Head of Marketing & Communications

""Even if I knew that the world ended tomorrow, I'd plant an apple tree today." (Martin Luther)"

Antonia Schaeli

Deputy Head of Direct Investments, Climate Finance

"Smart allocation of private capital - a key catalyst to climate transition."

Esha Shah

Head of Transactions Financial Inclusion Debt

"Strive for progress with perfection!"

Jeremy Sitruk

Head of Portfolio Strategy

"Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist."

Volodymyr Tsapko

Head of Financial Inclusion Private Equity

"Words do not make a difference. Actions do."

Eva Tschannen

Head of Technical Assistance

"We are capacity builders, offering bespoke advisory services to drive our sustainable portfolio companies."

Arlo Valeton

Head of Reporting

"The only way forward, is the sustainable way."

Ewout van der Molen

Head of Climate Finance

"Climate change increases inequality. Tackling it is our mission to the moon. "

Sharad Venugopal

Head of Financial Institutions Debt Asia Pacific

"Prosperity should be a human right."

Rik Vyverman

Head of Sustainable Food Private Equity

"Take a minute every day to think about where your food comes from."

Natalia Walkowiak

Head of Human Resources

Pierre-Olivier Wasem

Information Security Officer

"Cyber crime is a worldwide threat. Awareness is a must. Therefore we keep it as high as possible!"

Giorgi Zukhbaia

Country Director Georgia

"Empowering others is the key to success."

Relationship Management

Dr. Stephanie Bilo

Chief Client & Investment Solutions Officer

"Impact at scale!"

Vincent Bernard

Senior Relationship Manager

"Only efforts worth are those dedicated to economically viable actions for a resilient world"

Jennifer Kehl

Relationship Manager

"Create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth"

Henk Nijland

Head Business Development DFIs and Public Investors

"Sound impact and good returns go hand-in-hand. I have experienced it. There is no trade-off! "

Paolo Rossi

Senior Relationship Manager

"Finance needs a paradigm shift: a new connection between people and the planet."

Camille Savoie

Relationship Manager

"Public and private capital need to work as a whole which will achieve greater impact than the sum of the parts."

Luca Tosi

Senior Relationship Manager

"“We are connected as never before. What an opportunity!”"

Robert Widén

Director Nordics

"Impact and returns go hand in hand"

Noemi Zulauf

Relationship Manager

"Building bridges between the private, public and non-profit sectors is key in tackling today’s societal challenges"